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About me[edit]

Hello, my name is Mandi. I am a sophomore at ODU and I am majoring in Elementary Education, preK-6. I teach a K-1st grade Sunday school class with my sister and we both love kids. I would preferably like to teacher anywhere between 1st and 3rd grade. I think I get along with younger children because I like to have fun and kids seem to be carefree. All they need to worry about is making everyone around them, their teachers, friends, and parents happy, and they just like to have fun. My family has two dogs, Ace, a mix that we got from the SPCA, and Bella, a spoiled little cockapoo! Ace is my buddy and he is the best dog ever, he loves to be cuddly and he is the sweetest thing you will ever see. Bella is very spoiled, outfits and jackets she loves to wear, but when you play with her its a good time.

My Philosophy of Education[edit]

When I was in Elementary school I had very good teachers, and I think that I learned a lot about being patient with kids, and how to be a good teacher. To me, a good teacher is one who can have discipline in the classroom, but yet the students are not intimidated by her. She is a person that the students can talk to, respect, and know that they are getting the respect that they deserve. Teachers don't need to yell or be condensending in the classroom. I believe that if a teacher does talk down to her students, then it is just asking for them to rebel against her. No child wants to be talked to in a tone that makes them feel bad about themselves.