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Aram: the Descendant of Unspoken Pains A novel by Kurdish-Syrian novelit Haitham Hussein in Arabic (آرام سليل الأوجاع المكابرة) publisher: Dar Al Yanabih, Sweden 2006, Second edition by Dar Al Nahrin, Damascus 2010. [1]This novel talks about the yearning for returning home. His two main characters have the same name, Aram, and reflect a general phenomenon, not just an individual case. One is trying to immigrate to Germany and the other Aram lived in Germany for years. Hussein shows how the Syrian government by commission played a role of pushing Kurdish youths to leave their cities for anonymous places. Aram lives the cultural shock in Germany but, at a certain point in life, he decides to return home despite the unfair practices against him. In the face of tyranny, he decides to agitate for a revolution, landing into prison where he is tortured. He gets released and, unfazed, wants to start again in a show to his fellow desperate souls that life neither stops nor will the current slow down for a resistant fish and that beautiful days will come. This novel shows the psychological side of the Kurdish people and their rebellion before the Syrian Revolution.