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On using the openstreetmap and commons together.

Welcome talk[edit]

Making Photos In general for Commons[edit]

Free License[edit]

No watermarks[edit]

Avoid Editing[edit]

2 Megapixel, High resolution[edit]

Photographing Monuments[edit]

Photographing Buildings[edit]

Photographing Streets[edit]

Categorizing Streets[edit]

Adding to Wikipedia[edit]

Tagging Photos[edit]

Creating of Commons Galleries[edit]

Adding OSM buildings to photos[edit]

Adding Things from Photos to OSM[edit]

Adding House Numbers to OSM[edit]

Adding Restaurants and Shops to OSM[edit]

Adding Monuments[edit],_Wilhelmstra%C3%9Fe_26,_Offenbach_am_Main,_Hesse,_Deutschland_-_20110213.jpg and to OSM

Using Commonist for uploading[edit]

Install Locally :

Creating Gallery[edit]