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About me

My name is Mary Budny and this is my first semester with ODU. I am in the PreK-6 program. My goal is to one day teach first grade, I think it is amazing to see children when they learn to read and their faces light up when they are able to read that first sentence, book, etc.. I live in Midlothain, Va. I work as an Assistant Director at a daycare here. I enjoy hanging out with my family, friends, and my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have to puppies that we got from a local shelter, their names are Eleanor and Roosevelt and they are a handful.

Philosophy of Education

I believe that it should be fun for the teacher as well as the students. If the teacher no longer is having fun or enjoying teaching then their students are not enjoying it either. I feel that children should have fun while they learn. I want to create an environment where my students feel safe, and comfortable to be who the are. I also feel that every child learns in their own little way, so therefore I want to be able to make a learning environment that helps each child learn in there own way.