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Types of Strategy Guides[edit | edit source]

Classic[edit | edit source]

These are the kinds of books restored from 2006 at Wikibooks:

  • Game Specific strategy guides - Focusing on a specific game, and by far the most popular. Analogous to a print strategy guide of the 1980's-Present Day.
  • Game Series strategy guides - Broadly focusing on a game series. Similar to the Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter, but with strategy guides as an element.
  • Game Lore guides - Not actually strategy guides - Far closer to the literature books on Wikibooks than Strategy Guides. Roughly equivalent to the characters and places sections of Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter.

Revival[edit | edit source]

These are the kinds of strategy guides created following the reinstatement of Strategy Guides on Wikibooks.

  • Educational - Two varieties, both of which are primarily game specific strategy guides with added content.
    • Notes game locations, characters to tie real world educational content when relevant.
    • Notes game design decisions both to enhance value as a strategy guide, and to be a tool for game designers.