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Hi my name is Mandy! I am 21 yrs. old and was born and raised in Virginia in a little town named Patrick Springs. (Good luck finding it on the map :) ) I love the place I live and grew up to marry a childhood sweetheart. Me and my husband were married on Sept. 20 2008.

I have an Associates degree in General Studies from Patrick Henry Community College. I am attending ODU at the PHCC site. I have always loved ODU and wanted to go but could never see myself leaving home. So I guess I lucked up and got both of my wishes. I am enrolled in the Pre-K through 6 program. I have always wanted to teach in elementary school and be that role model that I saw so many of my teachers be to kids that needed it most. In my career I only hope to help young people realize how precious their life is and not to take it for granted and not be afraid to reach for the stars.

I am currently working at Sanville Elementary school in the after school program. Boys & Girls Club is who I work through. In the spare time I get between school full time and work I enjoy going to Church, working with my Sunday School (3 - 5 yr olds), practicing with my Little Girls Choir (5 - 10 yr. olds), riding horses, reading, and spending time with family and friends.