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I am Matthew.

Arimaa ( Wikibook | Wiki | Forum | Wikipedia )
Wikibook: Learning Arimaa

Arimaa Wikibook

Manual of Style / Local Manual of Style
Development stages
navigation (prev/next chapter; prev/next section)
Assume gold c6
external links to games
ask @ notation for symmetrical squares
ask @ capitalizing piece names. (rabbit, cat, dog, etc.)
ask @ capitalizing "attack" in "[piece] and [piece] attack"
Wikibook: most, but not all, in caps
Wikipedia: exclusively lowercase
make PDF and put link to it on cover page.

Arimaa Wikibook (advanced)

(using information from dedicated Wiki and some from the "Beginner's Arimaa" book)

Arimaa Forum

Integrate the logins: Gameroom/Forum/Wiki


Needs links to it from Wikibook and Wikipedia.
"To do" list in the wiki itself.
Would prefer not having to email just to set up an account.
Move to


Expand "tactics" and "strategy" sections.


Make human notation more strict?
Gold always uses capital letters for pieces, and Silver always uses lowercase.
Don't allow change views every move. Either once at the beginning of the game, or create an absolute standard that is always used for this notation. (Also, either Gold view or current player view.)
Computer notation
Add () when push/pull.
Add explicit record of captures into the move list.
Borrow +/-/!/? notation from chess


Fully or partially randomized starting positions.
Intentionally difficult starting positions.
Interface support for material handicap.