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English Hylian
To be tãrag
I, me bagu
You tãu
He, him Eru
She, her sEru
It ru
To read lErdag
The taz
Book lErde
To give diarag
Not naz
Hello oh@o
Goodbye sajan<


  • -ag is the infinitive, like to ___ in English
  • -as is the present tense
  • Sentences are Subject-Verb-Object
  • Write ab "ab" before the direct object
  • Here is an example
  • ab goes before taz lErde, because "the book" receives the actions, that is, it is being read.
  • ank goes before the indirect object.
  • sEru is the indirect object because the action is "to" or "for" it
  • To negate, place naz before the verb