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Manpurse is known for confusing languages with soup ingredients, causing her to overseason conversation with far too many foreign loan words. Not only that, but, like the far better bird-in-the-bush, she totally abuses mixed metaphors and puns.

In all seriousness, she's working towards her English major and hopes to one day write and illustrate for a living.

She likes to cosplay and watch fan documentaries. Subcultural studies are her passion. She participated in NaNo 2004--and won!--and Geocaches on sunny days. She enjoys electronic music and video games--especially when the two are mixed. Gitaroo Man is teh GREATEST GAME EVAAR!!11 She also grooves to the smooth stylin's of Eccentric Opera.

(And she has a teeny, itty-bitty anime and manga addiction, which she tries to confine to her room. The other day, the VHS fansubs escaped to the living room; now she's afraid her many tankouban are going to run amok in emulation.)

That's about it. For now.