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About MChat004

My name is Monica Chattin. I am working on my junior year at Old Dominion University. My friends and my family mean the world to me. In my free time I enjoy shopping, swimming and working out, eating, and spending time with friends and family. I coach a swim team during the summer and absolutely love it! I have swimmers of all different ages on my team ranging from 3 to 18 years old. I realized from coaching swimming how well I adapt with younger children which helped me realize that I want to go into the elementary teaching industy.

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that teachers need to be very patient and understanding people. I feel that every student is different in many ways. As a teacher I plan on trying my best to adapt to every child's needs and helping them achieve their own individual potentials not only learning ability wise but also personlity wise. I want to prepare students to be better people even at young ages. In the world today, most students come from families with two working parents and spend most of their days around teachers, other students, and after school care employees. I feel that it is the teacher's responsibility to make sure the students are learning at their own individual level to prevent boredom and produce student's interest in the classroom. It is also the teacher's job to enforce proper manors and behavior. I plan on making my classroom a fun learning environment. I feel that learning should be something the students enjoy.