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Meet Linda P. Worley

I am a 33 year old working mom living in Abingdon VA. I have two kids; Luke who is 3 and Ashton who is 5.

 Fall pics worley 003.jpg  This is a picture of Ashton, myself, Luke and my husband Travis on Thanksgiving.

Ashton is currently going to PreK and loving it. This of course has aided in my decision to finish college and study Prek - 6.I attended college right out of high school, majoring in Nutrition. It took me until my junior year and summer internship to realize most nutrition related jobs are in healthcare settings. No thanks. I started working at an Officemax call center in 2000, was married to the man of my dreams in 2001, and had our kids in 2003 and 2005. I am still at Officemax and happy here, but I really want to be a teacher to little kids. Now that I am a mom, I know how vulnerable kids are. They are totally dependent on the information they receive from grown ups. It makes me sad to think of all the children who don't even have children's books in their homes. Kids have it hard in the world today, even with parents who work with them daily to help them learn. My son has a learning disability, and goes to special needs classes now. He may be enrolled in special education classes when he enters public school. While I am still trying to accept his disability, I know he needs a special needs teacher in order to attempt to be on the same level as his peers. I tip my hat to special needs teachers. They are extraordinary people.

                                Teaching Philosophy 

I see my future classroom as a fun place to be! I know it sounds dorky, but I get excited thinking about it. Whatever we are learning at the time, I want to make fun and have the kids excited to learn about it. I want to have their work posted on the walls (in an orderly fashion of course). I want to "decorate" according to season. I want to make a daily class plan for each of them, with things changing so they don't get bored.