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About Me

My name is Laura Wahl. I am 25 years old, married with a beautiful daughter named Brejette. She has 4 English Bulldogs to keep her busy! I have always wanted to become a teacher, except for the years as a child when I wanted to bottle feed polar bears for a living!!! Why not?! Since then, however, I ran into some problems as far as school. I graduated from high school and began college at Lord Fairfax Community College where I received my Associates Degree focused in Education. I then transferred to James Madison University, where I hoped to get my teaching degree. However, I was put on a 3 year waiting list for the program I wanted (Pre-k-6). So I decided to get a degree in something and go with it. I like history, so I received my BA in that in 2005. Now, almost 4 years later, I am realizing I am still a teacher at heart and want so badly a classroom of my own. So luckily, I am able to begin this journey at ODU. I can't wait!

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Education Philosophy

I Believe a teacher can make a student and a student can make a teacher.

When children enter my classroom I would like them (each one) to feel secure and at home in his or her classroom. I want my classroom to be a place where my students are able to be themselves and feel like being themselves is better than okay, but great. Basically, I think that a classroom should be shared by the teacher and students. I believe in engaging my students, not lecturing. I want them to think about what I am talking about, not daydream about lunch! How will I do this? I hope to use groups, discussion, and the question/answer technique. I do not believe in picking favorites, however if I see great potential in those in my classroom, I hope to put their gift to use as helpers for the other children in the class who may not understand the subject as well. I believe in order for a classroom to work, the teacher must listen to his or her students' needs and teach accordingly. I would like my classroom to be a team, where instead of being the coach, I am the head player. I hope that when my students pass on to the next grade and leave my classroom, they will have discovered something wonderful about themselves. I hope to turn their weaknesses into strengths.