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<font-family: Veranda>Hopefully, if you’ve landed on this page then you must be here to learn a little more about

the author Lsmit097. First of all, my name is Lauren and I am a currently biology major and also trying to get certification as a teacher. I love animals, especially dogs, and intend on becoming a veterinarian and/or teach biology.

philosophy of education:

As most aspiring teachers possess their own opinions and outlooks of how a school, let alone classroom, should be run in order to be successful, so have I. I believe all schools at all levels (pre-school through college) were created to educate the developing youth as they grow towards adulthood. Thus, making each individual a well rounded, knowledgeable person, who also has expertise in the field of their interest. Schools should not only teach their students on an academic level but on an ethical level as well. While learning their basic core subjects, students should be learning about how to respect themselves and others and also how to get involved in society.

Teachers play a very strong role in the lives of students. A good teacher will provide each student with the knowledge that they needs to move to the next level, academically and ethically. They should be passionate about their jobs and also technological savvy in this growing age of machines. Actually, both teachers and students should also be technological savvy since more and more technology is incorporated in schools every couple of years. Training should be a required part and offered to teachers, students, and even parents when upcoming advances in technology are present. Some schools may already offer all these things, but I think all remaining ones should follow suit.

As far as curriculum goes, I believe that such classes as physical education, Sex Ed, and Art should be required and included in some way or another. Funding should be spent according to provide such classes. There should be no excuse because people are willing to donate money for education and schools could easily raise money for these courses to be cemented into the curriculum.

Every person is born with the right to fulfill their hopes and dreams. All school should provide, and have the chance to provide, excellent education to its students without discrimination of disability, race, or any other supposed factors.

"The greatest waste in the world
is the difference between what we are and what we could become."
-Ben Herbster