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Music Theory[edit]

2010-08-15 version[edit]

Music Theory
Music Theory/Fundamentals of Common Practice Music
Music Theory/Harmony
Music Theory/Counterpoint
Music Theory/Introduction
Music Theory/How to read Music
Music Theory/Music Notation Systems
Music Theory/Rhythm
Music Theory/Scales and Intervals
Music Theory/Modes
Music Theory/Chords
Music Theory/Chord Structures
Music Theory/Consonance and Dissonance
Music Theory/The Physics of Music
Music Theory/Finding the Key and Mode of a Piece
Music Theory/Playing by Ear
Music Theory/Complete List of Chord Patterns
Music Theory/Modulation
Music Theory/Chromaticism
Music Theory/Syncopation
Music Theory/Blues
Music Theory/Dance
Music Theory/Folk
Music Theory/Hip Hop
Music Theory/Hymn
Music Theory/Jazz
Music Theory/Metal
Music Theory/New Age
Music Theory/Pop
Music Theory/Reggae
Music Theory/Rock
Music Theory/Ska
Music Theory/Baroque
Music Theory/Classical
Music Theory/Romantic
Music Theory/Atonal
Music Theory/Celtic
Music Theory/Chinese
Music Theory/Eastern European
Music Theory/Indian
Music Theory/Necessary Tools
Music Theory/Software Needed