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About Me!

Hello, my name is Lauren Mike. I am a 22 year old transfer student from Tidewater Community College. I’ve received my Associates Degree in Social Science in the summer of 2008. This is my second semester here at ODU. I have chosen to major in History and minor in Secondary Education. I want to teach seventh grade American History because it has always been the subject that I have excelled in. I never thought to be a teacher until I tried out substituting for extra money. However, before realizing that I wanted to teach, I was interested in the criminal justice field.

Personal Philosophy of Education!

My personal philosophy of education is that the teacher has to have passion to want to work with children and teach them in all aspects of life. When having passion as a teacher, it helps with enlighten the students with knowledge. Not only does the teacher have to teach required materials but they need to teach life lessons for the students to carry with them. I believe that the teacher should be able to connect with each student. By doing so, the teacher needs to see where each student is at. For example, making sure that the teacher is not just teaching one way but multiple ways. The teacher needs to adapt to the student’s way of learning and not the way that the teachers think they should learn.

Everything about the classroom should be very diverse!