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Hello all wikibooks readers. My name is Lindsey Layne. I am 21 years old and from King William County. I am a student with J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College as well as Old Dominion University through Rappahannock Community College. I am going for an education degree in Pre-K through 6th. I hope to also find a way to obtain a special education licensure as well. I would like to teach kindergarten for my first couple years and eventually switch to special education classrooms. In about five years I would like to return to school to pursue a PhD in education.

Teaching Philosophy[edit]

Teaching Philosophy is a term that refers to a broad range of ideas. To be a good teacher I know I must pose my own beliefs on things like diversity within the classroom, class environment, curriculum, technology and so on. First of all, diversity is something a child deals with every day of their life. I hope to be able to make the classroom one place where this is not a negative thing. Many children have different religions, are special, slow learners, black or white. I aim to make the color of each others skin not what makes my students befriend one another. I will aim to teach them respect for every one no matter their religion or skin color. I do believe the easiest way I would be able to do this is threw my history lessons. I plan to give them the notion that our families all worked hard to grow from generation to generation. Every religion, nationality and individual in themselves, had to endure hardships to make this country and their families be where they are today. As far as differences in learning abilities and mental abilities go, it sort of returns back to the same rule. Respect. I would hope to show my students the satisfaction of helping each other when they need it and viewing a child with ADHD or Dyslexia as just another friend. It is important for the teacher to be patient and understanding with student disabilities, but I would hope to not have to put such responsibility on a child. My classroom environment will be colorful and educational at the same time. I want my students to feel safe and calm in my classroom. I know this sounds silly, but I want to have a reading corner with cozy pillows and buddy areas so my students can even read the same book. The curriculum is of course whatever necessary for my students to excel in their education and pass. I do hope to test often because I think that will get the students ready for the challenges of the grades ahead. I will make every lesson as fun as possible but my students will know that knowledge comes before play. I am not a huge technology buff, but with the world changing as fast as it is and computers being responsible for more and more advances in our world. I will not do computerized tests but I will do a lot of lessons through the computer. I also think I will use movies and interesting websites to enhance my lessons. As far as my grading and assessment will go I do not think I will be letting the kids grade each other they will be far too young. But I will have a twist on things. My students will have one test a month on where they vote on their favorite lesson within that month. I will allow them to take a small test or quiz on that lesson and if the whole class can receive grades 87 or higher than they receive extra credit points plus a class party. If they do not do this then only the students with appropriate grade will receive extra credit points. Lastly, my strategies for teaching a lesson will always be the same. I want them to be as fun as possible. I know some may frown on this but I think rewards at a young age for a job well done is perfectly ok. It gives them initiative. But I do plan to space these king of actions apart so that I may inflict the importance of good grades and how that is reward in itself. I can not predict now what type of teacher I will be but as you may tell, I have high ambitions to be a wonderful one! I want to understand my students and be their role model. I want to be that one teacher every child remembers.