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ONLY 0 DAYS UNTIL WIKIMANIA 2006 BOSTON!! If you are local to Rhode Island and are interested in carpooling, please leave me a message on my talk page.
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Who I am

My name is Alex Schenck. I'm a Wikipedia administrator and bureaucrat, Meta administrator, IRC operator, auxiliary MediaWiki developer, part-time article editor, and generally fun guy.

Wikimedia stuff

My Meta page isn't as interesting as my Wikipedia user page, but oh well.

I have been an administrator since 19 December, 2005. Generally speaking, my Meta-related admin actions are nowhere near as exciting as my Wikipedia-related actions. But, where I'm needed I work.

If you're interested in my administrative activites, I invite you to visit the following links:

Meta stuff

I'm a volunteer and a potential speaker at Wikimania 2006, which will be held from August 4th to August 6th of 2006. If you are in the Rhode Island/Southern New England area and need a ride to Wikimania, I will be happy to discuss options.

I am also the coordinator of MetaProject to Overhaul Meta. If you can help, please do.

If you're interested in my Meta-related activities, I invite you to visit the following links:

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Seriously! Do stuff to it... make it pretty, make it amazing. Just don't be a jerk and vandalize it, because I know that over twenty editors have this page on their watchlists. But... have fun otherwise!

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