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The Homeschool Curriculum Project is a Wikibooks project to create all the necessary highschool textbooks.

The first step will be deciding which books will are necessary. Please help!! I have started making the list, but please edit and update it. I'm not sure what is wanted for history, do we do a year first of General History, then a year of specific history (ie. American History/Australian History/British History/Spanish History/etc...), and then Government? Or? If that is correct is there only three years of history? Foreign language is a good idea, there should be at least a few options, including Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, Spanish. Is English done every year?

After it has been decided and agreed what books make up the core curriculum, we probably should start with Public Domain books from Gutenberg and places like that, and update and rewrite them to fit our purposes.

All books are required to conform to Wikibooks policy. Some major policies to be aware of when contributing are WB:NPOV, WB:NOR, WB:COPY, WB:DP and WB:NP.

For help finding Public Domain books, read Wikibooks:How to obtain public domain books.


Freshman Year (9th Grade)[edit]

Sophomore Year (10th Grade)[edit]

Junior Year (11th Grade)[edit]

Senior Year (12th Grade)[edit]