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Queen Elizabeth I[edit]

Queen Elizabeth's Early Life

Elizabeth was born September 7th, 1533, Greewich Palace. Her parents were Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn. Elizabeth's died when she was just 3 years of age. Her mother was beheaded for accusation of witchcraft, insecst, and adultry. Elizabeth became queen on Novemeber 17th of 1558. She was queen for 44 years and 44 months. She was called "The Goood Virgin Queen, or Queen Bess." Queen Elizabeth was the fifth and last Monarch of the tudor dynasty. Elizabeth's greatest achievement was defeating the Spanish Armada in 1558. She went to Tillbury during the fighting and after the fighting in the English Channel, the Spanish suffered and the English won. Elizabeth was amazing at political science, Which she inhererited her father's supremacist view of the monarchy, but she showed great wisdom by refusing to directly antagonize parliment. Elizabeth always waited till the last minute to minute, which she used as to her advantage. Her main palace was the White Hall, where she mostly stayed and spent most of her Christmas vacations. She inheirited over 60 royal palaces. Her hobbies were playing tennis and hunting deer.