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Lauren C. Carson


== A little bit about me ==
I am a third year student at Old Dominion University. My hobbies include computer gamming, reading science fiction, and doing little kid things (coloring, playrounds anything young at heart). Proud mommy to two suggar gliders Leonidas and Thor. These two little boys are a handful but loving and playful non-the-less I orginally came to ODU as a Psychology major wanting to work with autistic children but later found my calling was in teaching. I hope to have touched the life and mind of children by the time I am done.

== My teaching philosophy ==
I throughly believe that learning should be fun, too many kids have a dislike for learning. Children are the key to our future. I hope to help eleminate the traditonal classroom, one where students sit in a desk and listen to the teacher talk. This traditional lecture style only uses the very top of the cone of learning. Why not let children discuss their thoughts, question the teacher, and incorperate their own ideas into the classroom. The classroom should be a place of self expression, cultural understanding, and unprohibited learning.
Unfortunaly society judges our knowledge through a bubble sheet; can we pick the right one rather than what do you know, and how does it affect you and connect to the world. This form of teaching leads to limted and unquestioned knowlege among students. While a form of standardized assment must be implemented, teaching to the test does not have to follow suit.
I encourage teachers to educate their children instead of passivly teaching to the test. Make your classroom a fun and educational place.
Always remember "If I was a student in my class today, would i want to come back tomorrow?"--Unknown