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Computer Science[edit | edit source]

How and when did it emerge?[edit | edit source]

Computer science was first recorded in 1623, after the construction of the first mechanical calculator. Fifty years later, Leibniz revealed a digital mechanical calculator, thereby making him the first computer scientist, and information theorist. The field of computer science thus emerged.

How is it studied?[edit | edit source]

Nowadays, the basics of computer science are generally learned at school. Different domains within the field exist, such as theoretical computer science which includes data structures and algorithms, or computer systems, involving computer architecture and engineering.

Programming languages (eg. Python) can be taught in classes and can be taken as a subject during A Levels.

How has it changed?[edit | edit source]

Year after year, more powerful computer were developed, thus enabling more complex calculations. Mathematical calculations were the first duties of a computer, but as technology progressed, computation in general became the main field of study.