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About Me[edit]

My name is Kelsey Thompson. I have an older brother who attends Auburn University in Alabama. I have four very close best friends. One lives in New Jersey, another in North Carolina, and the other two here in VA who live within 5 minutes of me. These four people mean the world to me and make up two-thirds of my heroes. My other two heroes are my brother and my dad. I attended Western Branch Schools from kindergarten to twelfth grade. I graduated Western Branch High School in 2007. I am a retired gymnast who transferred from the University of Rhode Island. Before college gymnastics, I competed for Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics School for about 10 years. My favorite and best event was bars. The one skill on bars that the judges were never able to score correctly was my schuschanova. After my shoulder surgery in the spring of 2008, I transferred colleges and now I am currently diving for Old Dominion University and I love it. I consider my teammates family. My hobbies include reading mystery and fantasy books and I also collect shot glasses from every state or city on my first visit. I have always wanted to be a high school math teacher when I grew up.

Volunteer Work[edit]

I have participated in multiple volunteer opportunities. I have participated in Catholic Heart Work Camp for 3 years when I was in high school. I also was a part of the Praise and Worship Band at the Church of St. Therese. I was active in the youth ministry at the church and got involved with every volunteer job possible. I went to St. Meinrad, Indiana to participate in One Bread One Cup. It was the most amazing experience. I worked with other teenagers to build our faith and learn to organize service projects through the church. I connected with five other teens from York County, VA that summer. To this day, we keep in touch.

Education Philosophy[edit]

I believe every student has the choice to learn. It is up to the student to put the time and effort into studying and attempt to understand what the teacher is telling them. I want the students to understand that it is not only themselves who put effort into learning. By teaching, I want to learn how different students learn different ways and apply those ways to teaching. If the students are able to learn the information needed to complete the course with a passing grade, they will have an easier time with the next course. Providing a variety of activities and incorporating them into an every day lecture in high school might allow those students who think they aren't smart enough to learn,learn. Every student deserves the chance to learn if he or she wants that chance. At the end of the course, I would like the student to get as much out of the class as I would have. I intend on gaining as much information during the classes as the students. Every person should put an effort into something whether they like it or not. For example, as a math teacher, he or she may only be partial to learning about history yet to pass the class and achieve the knowledge needed for that course, effort must be put into learning that information. I believe the students and teacher should work together to obtain the goals each person is trying to reach.