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About the Author My name is Kelli Studivant I was born and raised in Virginia Beach. I am a Junior majoring in History, my goal is to become a High School teacher because I was so inspired by all of my History teachers during my high school years and, I would like to impact a young persons life the way they impacted mine. Teaching is also a proffesion that runs in my family, my grandmother, mother, and aunt and uncle were all teachers in the state of Virginia. I love working with children of all ages but I feel that I connect with older high school aged children the best and,my high school years were the best time of my life.

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that teachers have a great deal of influence on their students future as well as what is going on in their lives at that current moment. Students differ in learning styles and it is the teachers responisbility to meet the needs of each students learning style.