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Who I Am and What I'm Writing[edit]

My name is Kosta, and I live in Toronto (no big surprise there!). I am currently working on the following Wikibook:


My personal interests include:

  • Literature (I'm currently into thrillers, but I keep coming back to works by Joyce and Atwood)
  • English (I love etymology and theories of language acquisition)
  • Education (especially technology-enhanced learning and critical pedagogy)
  • History (mainly post-confederation Canadian history, but also general Western history)
  • Philosophy (I've recently re-discovered my interest in Foucault, hence the Wikibook)

My applied interests include:

  • Teaching English to college-level ESL learners
  • Using Web 2.0 tools such as discussion boards, wikis, blogs, and podcasts, both in my own teaching and in my training of colleagues
  • Developing resources (handouts, "user guides," online demos, etc.)

Wiki Workbench[edit]