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About Me[edit]

Hello. My name is Kristen. I am in my second semester at Old Dominion University. I have been married to a Navy guy for six years. We have three cats named Kitty, Slinky, and Inky. My eyes are my most interesting features. They are gray and often look blue or green depending on the color cothing I wear. I love video games. I play the Wii and the Playstation 3 the most. My favorite games are Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I enjoy scrapbooking and crafts. I also have a passion for photography. My goals for the future are to finish my degree in secondary math education and start a family. One day I would like to visit Japan and own a farm and horses.

Family Day Cruise.jpg MeNKitty.jpg MeNJoshFamDay07.jpg

Philosophy of Education[edit]

My philosophy of education is to teach students the skills and materials they will need to know not only for college and jobs, but also for life. I plan on individualizing the students' education by using many methods. I want to make learning meaningful to each and every student.