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i got a honey bun, no not a chick, i got a honey bun
millions nxgga, i got a couple hunned them.


what's up? i'm jay, i'm twenty-two and live in texas. it's the greatest place in the world. i love my state. i am mainly here because of the 'wikiversity.' i really like the idea of it, and the resources it gives me to learn. i'm mostly interested in the school of foreign language. i work and go to school, though i am not taking anything this summer. i am currently an operations support specialist for the home depot, at our austin technology center. i would like to one day start my own company and become the american dream. hah, wouldn't we all? other then that i am your typical too-intelligent-for-his-own-good kind of guy.

about me - the recap[edit]

my hobbies[edit]

  • driving fast
  • architecture
  • interior design (desgin in any format really)
  • cell phones (particularly my sidekick three.)
  • music (all kinds, but particularly rap, r&b, old school r&b, jazz, and nineties pop music.)
  • movies
  • investing
  • bacardi grand melon
  • linguistics