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About Me[edit]

Hello! My name is Josh Stubbs. I am 19 years old, and I am a junior. I got my associate's degree from Tidewater Community College in Social Sciences, and this is my first semester at Old Dominion University, where I am studying as a History major, with a focus on teacher preparation. My hometown is Houston, Texas, but I've spent much of my life in Hampton Roads. I am a huge international motorsport fan. I work full time as a supervisor at Farm Fresh. It's not much fun, but it pays the bills!!!

My Teaching Philosophy[edit]

I believe that it is the responsibility of the teacher to make the subject interesting to the student. Children and adults alike only focus on subjects that interests them. That said, I also believe that in my subject area, Lectures, followed by classroom discussions, are the most sucessful and reliable teaching style. Public speaking skills are invaluable in a classroom. The use of volume variations and passion will hook most students and keep them focused. The ability for a teacher to relate what they are learning to the students' own lives and to the modern day in general is also very important. Teachers need to be able to understand and adjust to the class at hand and need to make the most of tools provided to this generation to keep subjects relevant to today's students.