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Joseph B. Salzberg

I am a 21 year old native Virginian who grew up in Woodbridge, VA, in the suburbs of DC. I am a sophomore here at Old Dominion majoring in Music Education. I've played the Cello for almost ten years and love every minute of it. It took me almost three years to realize what I wanted to do while taking a class here and there at Northern Virginia Community College, but my heart has finally set on music. I love being around people more than anything, and am always ready with some wise crack and a smile. I try not to take myself too seriously and have recently learned, after losing two very important people, that life isn't about stressing over finals or a job interview, it's about enjoying every moment you are presented with. I always say I love you at the end of an argument and I love sky big.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that everyone has some form of musical ability within them, whether they realize it or not. Through music education everyone should be given the chance to learn and pursue music for pleasure, first, and as a job second. If you don't love what you do, how will you ever learn and grow? I hope to be able to inspire and teach people how to feel through music, to tap into some emotion that they never thought they could feel before. I want to be able to draw out every ounce of musical ability in someone, and inspire them to continue doing the thing they love.