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By way of introduction[edit]

I guess this my current source page until otherwise, as it is hard to know where to put personal data in the wiki-sphere.


I am finishing a masters in psychotherapy, and it seems my talent is with the youthful crooks (to be blunt) as I kind of "get them" (and, most important, "accept" them) as a life-long urban dweller.

Empathy as emotional communication.[edit]

My major work is the empathy model, which is a "clean room" model of psychology based entirely on popular conceptions by both people suffering from dysfunctions and those concerned about them collected and developed on the activist web community. I have found that the nano-second that I attempt to use my "official" psychological learning, I lose my audience. So there...

I started humanities with education[edit]

I hoped to get into education through the back door via "alternative" routes so that I could stay on my "default brain network," which is (loosely) construcTIVist (and more recently, socially construTIONist).

Saving construtivism[edit]

This is my present project that directly fell off of the back of "family systems." If you know anything about family (or organizational) systems...

I developed a lot of text that I will place in a temporary article: User:John Bessa/Saving Constructivism to prepare for a page Constructivism which I will begin from the bottom up by annotating the source material: it will be here-and-now-oriented, only showing older information only as it supports current information, or constructions. (Outdated, orphaned matieral will not be included). I accept that collaboration in the wiki-sphere is really at the level of the wiki and rarely at the level of the data, so I expect to do this work solo with a little encouragement, and perhaps a few hassles, which is not a problem.


Please contact me via this email link.