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Jim Tyson[edit]


I work in the Information Services Division at UCL. Most of my job involves postgraduate training. I specialise in

  • statistical applications
  • qualitative analysis software
  • programming
    • Matlab
    • C/C++ - the general language of choice for student training by ISD is now Java.Python.
    • PHP
  • database design
    • MySQL
    • Access
  • text processing
    • Word
    • LaTeX
    • Unix

Not work[edit]

I trained as a linguist and specialised in discourse analysis and computational linguistics. I no longer do any linguistics of any consequence.

Wiki Stuff[edit]

I contribute occasionally to Wikipedia articles in my domains of interest (see above). I wrote the Wikibook A Quick Introduction to Unix and I am currently writing Getting Started with SPSS - nope abandoned that because there is a much better book near complete. I am now working on Statistics Ground Zero.