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"Earthrise" taken on December 24, 1968 - quite probably my favorite photograph ever

Hi! I'm Jax.

I am a space nerd. I love all things space. I have a master's degree in astronautical engineering, with some emphasis on orbital mechanics, a topic I feel particularly strongly about. I have long noticed that many articles on wikipedia regarding orbital mechanics/celestial mechanics/astrodynamics seemed to be lacking... others were just god-awful. So about a year ago, I became a wikipedian with the intent of fixing some of these issues. I'm not sure how long I've known about the Astrodynamics wikibook, but I don't recall ever seeing any changes ever being made to the poor neglected book. Such a resource could have been a huge aid in my undergrad and graduate studies. So I am currently dedicating myself to improving the quality of this book.

More generally, I am interested in improving science literacy among the populace. It is my greatest desire to share the wonder I feel about the universe with others. Unfortunately (not really), I have the brain of an engineer, not a writer. I'm good with numbers and equations, but my eloquence can be... lacking.