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Some Useful Images[edit]

  • Put them here.

Images to Source or Make[edit]

When the rough pages are made I'll put the requests for the images as broken images there.

  • Image for the finding-triangles exercise.
  • Images for 'roof area' exercise.
  • Images of trig used in surveying
  • Images (from audacity?) of beat frequencies, waves in and out of phase and of a chirp.

e pi phi i Wikibook[edit]

This would be a new wikibook in itself. I'm picturing something a bit more of a 'coffee table book' than your typical maths book, not that the maths would be neglected, but rather something that is easier to dip into and that has nice pictures and real-world examples to illustrate the maths.


  • Introduction
  • e
  • pi
  • phi
  • Fibonacci Numbers
  • i
  • Slide Ruler Really the isomorphism between multiplication and addition.
  • Spheres and Circles Include table showing length and area of circle, surface area and volume of sphere. The point of this arrangement and accompanying text is to show that circumference is derivative of area, surface area is derivative of volume - and to teach people not to just memorize formulae but to have a sense of why they are 'right'. Also show mercartor's projection - surface area of sphere equals surface area of curved part of cylinder.

Quick test[edit]

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