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I'm Joost R. Meerten. "It Came From Wikipedia!" My Wikipedia user page is here.


This space is reserved for reminding me where I'm at and what I'm doing there (something my watchlist can't exactly do). Eventually, it could be of use to you, as well. Once I figure out how to make those neat boxes, that is.

Mission statement[edit]

  • To contribute to anything related to Computer Science; to turn the Wikibook section into an organized library/study hall/university for computer science.
  • To keep reminding people that this is a wiki, and that there's no one true way of organizing information, nor should there be.
  • To keep reminding people that this is not Wikipedia, and that Wikibooks should be structured (but since it is a wiki, structured in many ways).
  • To explore and establish connections with other disciplines.
    • There's CS and mathematics, CS and physics, CS and linguistics and CS and psychology, to name a few. Clearly, I'm not talking about people just using computers, but using them in ways that extend both the CS and the other discipline in directions that wouldn't exist without CS.

Personal background[edit]

I have a bachelor's degree in CS and am close to getting my master's, so I consider myself not completely ignorant on the topic -- that said, I don't consider myself the world's foremost expert either. :-) My favorite topics include compilers, formal correctness, computational complexity and with a more mathematical flavor, proof checking (in various lambda calculi). And I'm not completely devoid of practical knowledge, either. :-)


I wish I could devote lots of time, but alas, I'm quite busy right now getting my master's, working part-time and oh, did I mention I'm going to move soon? You can expect some batch editing from me, and don't be upset if I don't react right away -- or even for a few days. That said, I do make a point of checking up on the wikisomethings once a day, even if I can't do much. I have a talk page, use it!