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Open Source stuff is great. I'm going to be switching from Winders to FreeBSD or Debian soon.

I am a native Wikibookian. I'm around most of the other "foundation" Wikis, but I spend the majority of my time here. I try to crawl around and "restructure" things as much as possible. Organization and coherency is very important.

Private Shelves[edit]

I am currently involved with Green items. I intend to soon be involved with Yellow items. I intend to deal with Red items "sometime in the future". If you add an item, please code it Gray (Gray.PNG). I will change it when I decide how I will be dealing with it. How To Build A Computer Green.PNG - A Neutral Look at Operating Systems Green.PNG - Note taking Green.PNG - Meeting_Basics Little red square.png - Learn_Accounting_with_Dick_and_Jane Little red square.png

Chess Green.PNG - Algebra Green.PNG - Applied Math Basics Green.PNG - AI Yellow.PNG - School of Computer Science Yellow.PNG - School of Philosophy Little red square.png - High_school_extensions Little red square.png - Physics Study Guide Little red square.png - PHP Little red square.png - Study_Skills Yellow.PNG

  • Think that there is something I need to work on or read? Feel free to stick anything suitable on either shelf! You can drop a comment about it somewhere too if you like.--Hyperlink 07:05, 25 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Noted Contributions[edit]

How To Build A Computer[edit]

  • Revamped the Hardware organization.
  • Brought the "one page book" to the level of sub-modules.

A Neutral Look at Operating Systems[edit]

  • Founded
  • Currently working on the "basic stuff"


  • I do a lot of random crawling and editing.
  • I've been trying to "clean up" the language books. Perhaps with a little bit more structure they will be more likely to grow...

Notes to self[edit]