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About Me

  • I am Honorina,originally from the country of 7,107 islands, the country of Philippines.
Multicultural Day:Flag of the Philippines
  • I have been teaching for 10 years.
  • Maximum number of students handled 45 without teacher assistant.
My students in the Philippines taken in 2003

  • I started my adventure as a cultural exchanged teacher in North Carolina.
This was taken in 2004.My international friends from South America, New Zealand, Puerto Rico and Philippines.


Traveling is my passion. I have traveled 15 states and 3 countries for the past 5 years. In my travel, I met interesting people that
touches my life. The word adventure leads me to try and experience new things. I love seafood and I do yoga.

My Philosophy of Education

I believe that education is for everybody. As an educator we play an important part in molding the students. We inspire them to be the best student they can be. We lead students to discover their potentials and guide them towards developing their skills. We guide them to build their goals and ambitions by being a role model to them.

As a classroom teacher, I have been sharing to my students about challenges and adventure of being a teacher. I imparted to my students my culture and heritage, for them to be knowledgeable. I have a cultural bulletin that represents my country. This leads my students to know me and learn more about other country.