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About Me:

My name is Holly and I hope to graduate in the spring from ODU. I will graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design, with teacher licensure. (a bit of a mouthful!)

I hope to teach elementary art by day and create drawings and do graphic design by night! Art is my first passion and I think teaching children to enjoy and appreciate art will be very rewarding.

I am a Virginia Beach native and recently read a facebook quote by one of my friends I thought to be very funny and appropriate. "Virginia Beach is the only place you can come to visit and experience all four seasons in one day!"

Teaching Philosophy:

I believe teaching is successful when teachers make learning fun and exciting for students. As an art teacher, I want to make my students excited to learn about art history and how to create art using different mediums. I want to teach children to appreciate art!

Teachers have a responsibility to their students to teach them as much as they can. I know schools are geared for the SOL's now, however I think teachers should teach even past the SOL's, they are comprised of a limited amount of information that teachers can go above and beyond!