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'A Little bit about Me'

I am a huge animal lover, epsecially when it comes to dogs. I also love children, I have spent my past two summers working at the local YMCA summer camp. I have a big family, I am the second oldest of four girls. A intersting thing about my sisters and I is that all of our names start with "H". Some of my hobies are going to the movies, listeaning to music, and hanging out with my family. I also love to travel and I owe my thirst to travel to my dad. As a child my family moved all the time since my dad was in the military. So I have gotten the opportunity to live in places such as California, Pennslyvania, and the most intersting of all, Iceland. I love working with kids and want to work with hearing impaired children once I get my masters.

My Teaching Philisophy

I believe that everyone is born with the right to have a great education. I believe that how much a person makes, where they live,should have no deciding factor in wether they get a great education or just a mediocre one. That is my second belief that no one should simply recieve a average education but recieve a great education. I plan on becoming an elementary school teacher, and I know that I have a great impact on what my students will think of education for the rest of their academic lives.

I believe that learning should be creative and a hands on experience. As a fourth grader I remember when the teacher would just read out of a book for an hour. In today's society kids don't learn by simply reading or hearing words from a textbook, they need to learn by actually doing. Thats why I believe teachers need to incorporate creativity and excitment in every lesson plan.