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Hcamp006 (talk) 20:33, 17 January 2009 (UTC)

A Little Bio bout Me[edit]

I'm a military brat who's stepped her foot in the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and Great Lakes.... however I call Virginia home. I'm a pretty laid back person who values my boyfriend, family and education. I've wanted to be a teacher most of my life and been a uber super dork. I spend most of my time at working as a server. In my spare time I read hang out with friends, play a little World of Warcraft and talk to my amazing boyfriend.


"Ignorance is the Curse of God Knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to Heaven" -William Shakespeare[edit]

As I've wanted to teach for a very long time I have been very observant to my teachers and talked to them about their different teaching styles, also moving from place to place has allowed me to observe many different school systems. I think the most important thing about being an educator is to love the subject and know the subject. I've had many really cool history teachers who enjoyed their subjects and that love for the subject came through in their lessons. History is a subject of story telling and using the past to learn more about ourselves. An example of teaching from the heart is where my government teacher had this amazing set up we took notes on one side of a notebook and then put creative assignments on the other side. I loved the idea even though I'm not much of a note taker it helped me keep track of things and was an amazing study guide. Grading the notebooks took a long time and keeping track of them was difficult she took a lot of time to try to make sure all of the teaching styles were covered. I think that all classes should have the same idea of covering not only the dry note taking side of the subject but the more creative and fun ways of learning. I think that teaching should cover many different teaching styles each student has different needs. By putting heart into a subject while trying to teach it to each learning style can make a class more than just another chance at a nap.

FUN..... fun... and more FuN

In this digital age this is a fun but resourceful video.