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world history[edit | edit source]

World History/Ancient Civilizations
World History/Ancient Greece and Alexander the Great
World History/World Religions
World History/The First Chinese Dynasties
World History/Civilization and Empires in the Indian Subcontinent
World History/The Roman Empire
World History/Middle Eastern Empires
World History/The Middle Ages in Europe
World History/Precolumbian History of the Americas
World History/Ancient Kingdoms of Africa
World History/Changes in Eurasia - Mongol Conquest and Aftermath
World History/The Renaissance in Europe
World History/Age of Discovery & Imperialism
World History/Religious Wars in Europe
World History/The Industrial Revolution
World History/The Age of Imperialism, Part II
World History/Causes and course of the First World War
World History/Effects of the First World War
World History/The Russian Revolution
World History/The Interwar Years
World History/The Rise of Dictatorship and Totalitarianism
World History/Causes and course of the Second World War
World History/Consequences of the Second World War
World History/The Collapse of Imperialism - Freedom, Change, and Revolution