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My name is Lisa Gehman Thorne, and I am working on creating an algebra textbook for the One Laptop Per Child Students to use. It's called [OLPC - Algebra 1 in Simple English]. I also author a free website,, that has free tutorials for math and computer applications. I have a mock-up of the student-user interface I'm designing for the book. You'll find it at

I hope you contribute to the book.

Prerequisites for OLPC - Algebra I[edit]

Hello Lisa, what should we assume the students who are reading this text already know? The first few lessons suggest that they should already understand the 4 basic arithmetic operations, and are comfortable with applying them to small positive numbers. Would they be familiar with the number 0? What about adding 0? Multiplying by 0? Multiplying by 1? The impossibility of dividing by 0?

I think it would help contributors if we had some guidelines on this. Zahlen 04:07, 19 January 2007 (UTC)