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Chapter 1 Private Financing Programs

Chapter 2 Maryland Financing Programs

Chapter 3 Federal Financing

Chapter 4 Incubators

Chapter 5 Business Enterprise Programs

Chapter 6 Opportunities for Business Growth

Chapter 7 Tax Credit and Incentive Programs


Terms of Use/Disclaimer

The Guide was originally drafted by Mark Sargent, formerly Dean of the University of Maryland School of Law, as a project to help small Maryland businesses with connections to relevant public agencies and resource programs providing business incentives offered by the state.

Maryland State Bar Association

Henry E. Dugan Jr, President

John P. Kudel, President Elect

Gorman & Williams, Attorneys at Law

David Mcl. Williams

Shapiro Sher Guinot & Sandler

Bill McComas

University of Maryland Carey School of Law Business Law Society

Ameya Paradkar, President

Eric Hontz, Vice President

Garland W. Rowland, Editor of the Maryland Entrepreneur's Guide