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Global test[edit | edit source]

Prerequisites: 100% developed  as of 210616 (210616)
  1. install mkd software
  2. execute ' Add_appendix' to update the directories strucure
  3. If not exist programs files in Add_appendix/bin directory copy all source files in src directory and execute compil2bin
  4. edit and install soo:
  5. install in ~/Add_appendix/tests/
    * test_pre-annex.bash in executable mode: (chmod 755 test_pre-annex.bash)
    * in executable mode: (chmod 755
  6. install in ~/Add_appendix/tests/.
    * sitelist.txt
Perform the tests: 100% developed  as of 210616 (210616)
  1. Install all tests-books from site with
  2. execute from