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Current Position Undergraduate Student

Education:Standing Junior

About Me I am a young adult and truly in pursuit of happiness. One may ask, what makes me happy? In response I will reply, "seeing others happy." The real question is, what keeps me happy? I am happy when I remind others to go for the gold, all in pursuit and if you shall arrive there early, remember that I am well on my way.

Teaching Philosopy It is my opinion that, teachers produce teachers! I say this because as an instructor that deals with teenagers from age thirteen through nineteen it is a goal to target my students and meet them right where they are in life, and strive to become the effective leader and or role model it takes to lead not just them, but as well as other adults, young and elder. Also if I am able to teach effectively the result of weighing that effectiveness is in his or her application after being taught. Therefore, when one truly learns something, I believe that one will surely be able to teach it, define it and show it to another.

Thank you,