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Interactive Self-test Template[edit | edit source]

I made a template called "Peekaboo" to provide a degree of interactive, self-test abilility to Wikibooks. A question is placed in the first box, then by clicking on the [Show] button to the right, users can reveal the answers in the second box without leaving the page. Everything prints out as currently displayed on-screen. Hopefully this will be useful to a few of you and help some Wikibooks. -- Everlong 02:17, 12 April 2006 (UTC)

Example: Template:Peekaboo

Example code:


New dictionary entry format[edit | edit source]

bad adjective
  = huài 坏 (壞)

Endnotes[edit | edit source]

Using code:

<div class="{{switch|{{SUBPAGENAME}}|case: Dialogues=|case: Lesson 1=|default=hiddenStructure}}">
text to only appear on pages titled "Language/Dialogues" and "Language/Lesson 1," but not on any other page