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I am Mr TekaTeki

Currently busy in real life as well as in the Wikimedia Commons Pearson Project
Also, after going thru many Wikibooks, there are many projects that were done halfway thru, my mission is to finish what they started (if I can)

See criteria of merging using page views

Project On-going :
(1) Cleanup Puzzles book
(2) Added contents in Technical Analysis
(3) Added contents Wikijunior talk:How Things Are Made
(4) Merging contents in Learn Electronics , Electronics Fundamentals, Power Electronics and Electronics Handbook into Practical Electronics as the latter is more developed . Each of the former three contents can be convert into individual chapter (5) Add own asia map , upgrade/revise from Qwerty number1 : User:Encik_Tekateki/Asia_Interactive_Maps_v1

Project Done:
(1) Complete Wikijunior:Transport Alphabet
(2) Complete the House Construction into smaller sections and remove the {{subpages}} status
(3) Added contents in Wikijunior :Asia
NOTE: Due to geopolitics conflicts , I wont add Israel, North Korea, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria and United Arab Emirates to prevent warring edits in future.