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The Starting Point

Hey everybody out in cyberspace!!! Just a little about myself, I am a transfer student from Virginia State University, and currently I am enrolled as a History Education student at Old Dominion University. I am the oldest of five boys so I keep myself pretty busy with everything that is going on in the world.

About ME!!

As I said earlier I am the oldest of five boys and I just love being around them whenever I am not busy doing some type of work. Some of my hobbies consist of playing video games, drawing, and running. I am a former college athlete I currently got hurt this summer and decide to transfer to ODU, and just focus on my education. I love watching anime (Japanese cartoons), and House!! Plus I love kids, I am also a Sunday school teacher at my church for two year old kids, and trust me they are a hand full every Sunday. But I enjoy that and feel good about doing my part. I plan on teaching at my old High School Deep Creek!!! The subject I would love to teach would be European History.

My Education Views

I do not want to be one of those Boring history teachers that just teach the basics, I want my class room to be fun and full of ENERGY!!!! But also very educational while we are having fun learning about history.