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Environmental Design[edit]

Construction Science[edit]

Landscape Architecture I[edit]

Advanced CAD[edit]

Computer Graphics in Landscape Architecture[edit]

Contemporary Issues in Landscape Architecture[edit]

Design Analysis[edit]

History of Landscape Architecture[edit]

Interior Plantscaping[edit]

Landscape Architectural Construction[edit]

Landscape Architectural Design[edit]

Landscape Architectural Drawing[edit]

Landscape Architectural Graphics[edit]

Landscape Architecture[edit]

Landscape Construction Materials and Methods[edit]

Natural Systems Design[edit]

Ornamental Woody Plants and Groundcovers[edit]

Planting Design[edit]

Portfolio Design[edit]

Regional Design[edit]

Urban Design Issues[edit]

Urban Planning[edit]

Land and Property Development[edit]

Regional Planning[edit]

Interior Design[edit]

Codes and Interior Construction[edit]

Computer-Aided Drafting and Design[edit]

Contract Interior Design[edit]

Design Foundations[edit]

Design for Quality of Living[edit]

History of Interiors and Furniture[edit]

Interior Design Graphics[edit]

Interior Lighting Design[edit]

Interior Materials and Structures[edit]

Residential Interior Design[edit]

Space Planning[edit]

Natural Resources[edit]

Renewable Natural Resources[edit]

Human Dimensions Natural Resource Management[edit]

Natural Resource Entrepreneurship[edit]

Remote Sensing of Environment[edit]

Renewable Resources Policy and Governance[edit]

Bioenvironmental Sciences[edit]

Energy Land Management[edit]

Geographic Information Systems[edit]

Energy Land Management Contracts[edit]

Energy Land Management Strategic Planning[edit]

Ethics and Negotiations for Energy Land Managers[edit]

Managing Non-Technical Risks[edit]

Environmental Business[edit]

Environmental and Energy Resource Management[edit]

Elements of Environmental Protection[edit]

Environmental Impact Assessment[edit]

Environmental Microbiology[edit]

Environmental Sampling and Analysis[edit]

Environmental Soil Management[edit]

Hazardous Waste Training[edit]

Pest Management[edit]

Weed Science[edit]

Reclamation of Disturbed Soils[edit]

Soil Microbiology[edit]

Soil Science[edit]

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics[edit]

Forest Resource Management[edit]


Forest Measurements[edit]
Computing in Natural Resources[edit]
Forest Ecology[edit]
Forest Fire Protection[edit]
Forest Management[edit]
Forest Mensuration[edit]
Forest Resources Management Planning[edit]
Forest Valuation and Investment[edit]
Forestry Consulting[edit]
Forestry Economics[edit]
Global Forest Resources[edit]
Urban Forest Management[edit]
Winter Dendrology[edit]


Arboriculture and Urban Trees[edit]

Regional Silviculture[edit]

Silvicultural Systems[edit]

Recreation Parks and Tourism Sciences[edit]




Recreation--Tourism Economics[edit]

Interpretive Techniques[edit]

Backcountry Living Skills[edit]

Ecotourism Development[edit]

Environmental and Cultural Interpretation[edit]

Leadership in Experiential Education[edit]

Management in Recreation Parks and Tourism Organizations[edit]

Marine Ecotourism[edit]

Planning and Design in Recreation Parks and Tourism[edit]

Program Planning in Recreation Parks and Tourism[edit]

Recreation Resource Management[edit]

Recreation Services for Special Populations[edit]

Social Research Methods in Natural Resource Management[edit]

Sustainable Tourism[edit]

Tourism System and Destination Management[edit]

Wilderness First Responder[edit]

Wilderness in American Society[edit]

Wood Science and Technology[edit]

Finished Wood Products[edit]

Forest Resources in United States History[edit]

Residential Building Materials[edit]

Sustainable Construction[edit]

Wood Adhesion[edit]

Wood Anatomy and Structure[edit]

Wood Grading and Procurement[edit]

Wood Machining[edit]

Agriculture and Life Sciences[edit]

Agricultural and Extension Education[edit]

Farm Machinery[edit]

Agriculture Mechanics[edit]

Basics of Agricultural Mechanization[edit]

Urban Watersheds and Irrigation[edit]

Global Food and Agricultural Industry[edit]

Metal Fabrication[edit]

Methods in Extension Education[edit]

Microcomputer Applications in Agricultural Education[edit]

Cooperative Extension[edit]

Shop Theory and Methods[edit]

Small Engines and Hydraulics[edit]

Waste Management-Composting[edit]

Agricultural Resources[edit]

Agribusiness Accounting[edit]

Agribusiness Finance[edit]

Agribusiness Management[edit]

Agribusiness Strategic Management[edit]

Agricultural and Natural Resources Law[edit]

Agriculture Environmental and Resource Policy[edit]

Demand Analysis[edit]

Quantitative Methods[edit]

Energy Economics[edit]

Energy Resource Economics[edit]

Enterprise Operation Law[edit]

Environmental and Resource Economics[edit]

Futures Markets and Commodity Prices[edit]

Agribusiness Economics[edit]

Marketing Agricultural Products[edit]

Marketing Livestock Products[edit]

Rural Economic Development[edit]

Rural Enterprise Development[edit]

Agricultural Economics[edit]

Agribusiness Management[edit]

Agricultural Education[edit]

Agricultural Communications and Journalism[edit]

Agricultural Leadership and Development[edit]

Agricultural Science[edit]

Animal Science Production--Industry[edit]


Environmental Soil Management[edit]

Forage Crops[edit]

Grain and Special Crops[edit]

Principles of Soil Science[edit]

Principles of Weed Science[edit]

Reclamation of Disturbed Soils[edit]

Soil Fertility[edit]

Soil Genesis and Classification[edit]

Soil Judging[edit]

Soil Microbiology[edit]

Soil Physics[edit]

Soil Survey and Land Use[edit]

Turfgrass Management[edit]

Animal Science[edit]

Animal Nutrition[edit]

Animal Physiology[edit]

Applied Animal Reproduction[edit]
Behavioral Patterns of Animals[edit]
Breeding of Farm Animals[edit]
Equine Exercise Physiology[edit]
Growth and Lactation Physiology[edit]
Physiology of Reproduction[edit]

Animal Production[edit]

Beef Production[edit]
Dairy Cattle History and Selection[edit]
Horse-Livestock-Poultry Evaluation[edit]
Light Horse Science[edit]
Milk Production[edit]
Pork Production[edit]
Poultry Production[edit]
Small Ruminants[edit]

Agricultural Systems Management[edit]

Ecosystem Science and Management[edit]


Ecological Restoration[edit]


Computing in Natural Resources[edit]
Global Forest Resources[edit]
Human Dimensions Natural Resource Management[edit]
Natural Resource Entrepreneurship[edit]
Remote Sensing of Environment[edit]
Renewable Resources Policy and Governance[edit]
Vegetation of West Virginia[edit]
Winter Dendrology[edit]

Ranch Management[edit]

Rangeland Resources[edit]

Spatial Sciences[edit]

Environmental Microbiology[edit]

Applied Water Microbiology[edit]
Food Microbiology[edit]
General Microbiology[edit]
Soil Microbiology[edit]


Bugs and Humans[edit]
Forensic Entomology[edit]
Forest Pest Management[edit]
Insect Ecology[edit]
Pest Management[edit]
Urban Tree and Shrub Health[edit]


Cut Flower Production[edit]

Floral Design[edit]

Garden Center Management[edit]

General Horticulture[edit]

Greenhouse Management[edit]

Handling and Storage of Horticultural Crops[edit]

Herbaceous Plant Materials[edit]

Landscape Management[edit]

Plant Pathology[edit]

Plant Propagation[edit]

Vegetable Crops[edit]

Vines to Wines[edit]

Woody Plant Materials[edit]

Nutrition and Food Science[edit]

Didactic Program[edit]


Food Industry[edit]

Food Science[edit]

Food Microbiology[edit]
Food Plant Sanitation[edit]
Food Science and Technology[edit]
Muscle Foods Technology[edit]

General Nutrition[edit]

Molecular and Experimental[edit]

Community Nutrition[edit]

Cross-Cultural Cuisine[edit]

Food Service Systems Management[edit]

Human Nutrition[edit]

Medical Nutrition Therapy[edit]


Science of Food Preparation[edit]

Society and Food[edit]

Plant Pathology and Microbiology[edit]

Plant Pathology[edit]

Forest Pest Management[edit]
Urban Tree and Shrub Health[edit]

Plant Microbiology[edit]

Poultry Science[edit]

Industry Emphasis[edit]

Technical Emphasis[edit]

Soil and Crop Sciences[edit]

Crops Emphasis[edit]

Soil and Water Emphasis[edit]

Turfgrass Science[edit]

Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences[edit]

Wildlife and Fisheries Resources[edit]

Wildlife And Fisheries Management[edit]

Advanced Wildlife and Fisheries Management[edit]
Big Game Ecology and Management[edit]
Conservation Genetics[edit]
Ecology of Invading Species[edit]
Fisheries Management[edit]
Forest Wildlife Management[edit]
Interpretive Bird Study[edit]
Marine Ecology[edit]
Principles of Conservation Ecology[edit]
Renewable Resources Policy and Governance[edit]
Restoration Ecology[edit]
Stream Ecosystem Assessment[edit]
The Tradition of Hunting[edit]
Vertebrate Natural History[edit]
Waterfowl Ecology[edit]
Wildlife Ecosystem Ecology[edit]
Wildlife Habitat Techniques[edit]
Wildlife and Fisheries[edit]
Wildlife and Fisheries Techniques[edit]
Wildlife-Fisheries Camp[edit]

Aquatic Ecology and Conservation[edit]

Vertebrate Zoology[edit]

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation[edit]

Creative Arts[edit]

Art History[edit]


Ancient Roman Art and Architecture[edit]

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright[edit]

Art Theory[edit]

Asian Art[edit]


Chinese Language and Culture History[edit]


Curatorial Practices[edit]

Graphic Design History[edit]

Greek and Roman[edit]

History of Chinese Ceramics[edit]

Italian Culture[edit]

Italian Renaissance[edit]

Landmarks of World Art[edit]


Medieval Architecture[edit]

Medieval Painting[edit]

Michelangelo and His Time[edit]


Modern Architecture[edit]

Modern Art Theory[edit]

Native American Visual Culture[edit]

Nineteenth Century[edit]

Northern Renaissance[edit]

Print, Propaganda, and Art[edit]

Survey of Art History[edit]

The History of Stained Glass[edit]

Women in Art[edit]

World Architecture[edit]



African Dance[edit]


Ballroom Dance[edit]


Creative Dance for Educators[edit]

Dance Introduction[edit]

Dance Criticism[edit]

Dance History[edit]

Dance Styles for Musical Theatre[edit]

Dance Techniques[edit]




World Dance[edit]



Arranging for Jazz Ensemble[edit]

Aural Theory[edit]

Choral Music Methods and Technology Applications[edit]


Conducting and Rehearsing[edit]

Conducting and Score Interpretation[edit]



Diction for Singers[edit]

Digital Audio Workstation Technology[edit]

Digital Audio Workstation[edit]

Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Music[edit]

Electronic Music Composition[edit]

Electronic Music[edit]

European Music before 1500[edit]

General Music Methods and Technology Applications[edit]

Great Composers in Performance[edit]

History of Jazz[edit]

History of Musical Theatre[edit]

History of Western Musical Traditions[edit]

Instrumental Methods and Technology Applications[edit]


Intellectual Property in Music Industry[edit]

Jazz Harmony[edit]

Jazz Improvisation[edit]

Live Music Industry[edit]

Music Arranging for Public School Groups[edit]

Music Education[edit]

Music Industry[edit]

Music Listening[edit]

Music Performance[edit]

Music Product Development and Placement[edit]

Music Publishing[edit]

Music Theory[edit]

Music Therapy[edit]

Music in Appalachia[edit]

Music in World Cultures[edit]

Music in the Elementary School[edit]

Music in the Modern Age[edit]

Music of Africa[edit]

Music of the Eighteenth Century[edit]

Music of the Nineteenth Century[edit]

Music of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries[edit]

Opera Theatre. 0-[edit]

Orchestration and Band Arranging[edit]

Recording Industry[edit]

Recording Technology[edit]

Sound-Games--Visual Media[edit]

Theory for Music Theatre[edit]

Twentieth Century American Pop Music[edit]

Twentieth Century Art Music[edit]

Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Music[edit]

Wind Literature[edit]



Printmaking - Intaglio and Relief[edit]

Printmaking - Lithography[edit]




Acting Studio[edit]

Acting the Song[edit]

Actor's Craft[edit]


Children's Theatre[edit]

Computer Assisted Design for the Stage[edit]

Contemporary Drama[edit]

Costume Construction[edit]

Costume Crafts[edit]

Costume Design[edit]


Creative Dramatics[edit]


Drafting for the Stage[edit]

History of Costume and Decoration[edit]

History of Western Theatre[edit]


Lighting Design[edit]

Lighting Technology[edit]

Model Building[edit]


Musical Theatre Studio[edit]


Portfolio Development[edit]


Production Dramaturgy[edit]

Production Practicum[edit]

Puppet Construction[edit]


Puppetry for Educators[edit]

Rendering Techniques[edit]

Scene Design[edit]

Scene Painting[edit]

Stage Design[edit]

Stage Makeup[edit]

Stage Management Principles[edit]

Stage Movement[edit]

Stage Properties[edit]


Studio Scene Study[edit]

Technical Production[edit]

Text Analysis[edit]

The Complete Performer[edit]

Theatre Fundamentals[edit]

Theatre Health and Safety[edit]

Theatre Makeup[edit]

Theatrical Rigging[edit]

Traditions of Dramatic Literature[edit]

Vocal Techniques[edit]

World Theatre and Drama[edit]

the Theatre[edit]

Art Education[edit]

Art Education - Elementary[edit]

Art Education - Secondary[edit]

Art and Environment[edit]

Arts Administration[edit]

Arts Programming[edit]

Arts and Cultural Organizations[edit]

Visual Arts[edit]


Alternative Photography. 3-6 Hours[edit]

Ceramic Production Methods[edit]

Design for Web and Screen[edit]

Designing for Multimedia[edit]

Digital Photography[edit]


Electronic Media[edit]

Figure Drawing[edit]

Graphic Design[edit]

Installation Art[edit]

Interactive Art[edit]

Interactive Design[edit]

Life Modeling[edit]

Materials and Procedures[edit]

Multi Media[edit]

Photo Design[edit]

Pre-Student Teaching[edit]


Technology Methods in Art Education[edit]


Visual Foundations[edit]



Accounting Concepts and Techniques[edit]

Accounting Systems[edit]

Accounting Theory[edit]

Accounting for Nonbusiness Entities[edit]

Auditing Theory[edit]

Cost Management[edit]

Income Tax Accounting[edit]

International Accounting[edit]

Managerial Accounting[edit]

Business Administration[edit]

Consulting - General Management[edit]

Entrepreneurial Studies[edit]

Business Analysis and Planning[edit]

Business Innovation[edit]

Business Planning[edit]

Creativity and Idea Generation[edit]

Entrepreneurial Finance[edit]



Bank Management[edit]

Business Valuation[edit]


Employee Benefit Plans[edit]

Financial Institutions[edit]

Financial Planning[edit]

Financial Statements Analysis[edit]

General Insurance[edit]

International Finance[edit]


Life Insurance and Estate Planning[edit]

Life and Health Insurance[edit]

Mergers and Acquisitions[edit]

Property and Liability Insurance[edit]

Real Estate[edit]

Risk Management[edit]

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management[edit]

Working Capital Management[edit]

Business Law[edit]

Business Law for Managers[edit]

Law for the Certified Public Accountant[edit]

Personnel Relations and the Law[edit]

Hospitality and Tourism Management[edit]

Event Planning Practicum[edit]

Hospitality And Tourism Leadership[edit]

Hospitality Revenue Management[edit]

Hospitality Social Customer Relationship Management[edit]

Hotel Operations Management[edit]

Restaurant Management[edit]

Tourism Management[edit]

Human Resource Management[edit]

Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations[edit]

Compensation and Benefits[edit]

Conflict Management[edit]

Staffing and Selection[edit]

Training and Development[edit]


Business Research Methods[edit]

Corporate Social Responsibility[edit]

Decision Analysis[edit]

International Business[edit]

The Individual and the Organization[edit]

Management Information Systems[edit]

Business Application Programming[edit]

Data Communications[edit]

Database Management Systems[edit]

Information Ethics[edit]

Managing Information Technology[edit]

Network Security[edit]

Systems Analysis[edit]

Systems Design and Development[edit]

nformation Technology[edit]


Business Logistics Management[edit]

Business to Business Marketing[edit]

Buyer Behavior[edit]

Customer Relationship Management and Social Media[edit]

Distribution Channels[edit]

Export Management[edit]

Global Marketing[edit]

Integrated Promotions[edit]

Marketing Analytics[edit]

Marketing Management[edit]

Outside Case Competition[edit]

Personal Selling[edit]

Practicum in Marketing[edit]

Product and Price Policies[edit]

Retail Management[edit]

Sales Management[edit]

Selling with Digital Media[edit]

Services Marketing[edit]

Social Media and Marketing[edit]

Societal Issues in Marketing[edit]

Sustainable Marketing[edit]

Marketing, Advertising Strategy[edit]

Advertising Copywriting[edit]

Advertising Research[edit]

Advertising Research and Media[edit]

Advertising Strategies[edit]

Advertising and Creativity[edit]

Advertising and Society[edit]

Graphic Design[edit]

Audience Psychology and Behavior[edit]



Interactive Marketing Communications[edit]

Media Planning and Strategy[edit]

Principles of Advertising[edit]

Marketing, Analytics and Consulting[edit]

Marketing, Professional Selling and Sales Management[edit]

Retail Buying and Management[edit]

Nonprofit Management[edit]

Operations Management[edit]

Supply Chain Management[edit]

Marketing, Fashion, Dress and Merchandising[edit]


Design and Merchandising[edit]

The Global Context for Design[edit]

Education and Human Development[edit]

Arts in Elementary Education[edit]

Education Colloquium[edit]

Elementary-Early Childhood Science Methods[edit]

Foundations of Language and Literacy[edit]

Instructional Design and Evaluation[edit]

Issues and Methods for Teaching Elementary Social Studies[edit]

Learning in Educational Settings[edit]

Managing and Organizing Learning Environments[edit]

Mathematical Methods - Elementary Teacher[edit]

Professional Inquiry in Education[edit]

Promoting Creative Expression in Elementary Classrooms[edit]

Promoting Literacy Connections[edit]

Child Development and Family Studies[edit]

Sprcial Education[edit]

Adolescent Development[edit]

Adolescent Problems and Disorders[edit]

Best Practices in Pre-K Movement[edit]

Business of Child Care[edit]

Child Care Center Administration[edit]

Child Development[edit]

Contemporary Issues in Family Relations[edit]

Early Childhood Development[edit]

Early Socio-Emotional Growth[edit]

External Funding - Early Childhood Programs[edit]

Families Across the Life Span[edit]

Family Interaction and Communication[edit]

Family Life Education[edit]

Family Policy and Law[edit]

Infant Development[edit]

Infant Toddler Language and Literacy[edit]

Marriage and Family[edit]


Research Methods and Data Analysis[edit]


Articulation and Cleft Palate[edit]

Audiological Assessment[edit]

Augmentative--Alternative Communication[edit]

Aural Rehabilitation[edit]

Clinical Observation Speech-Language Pathology[edit]

Clinical Observation--Audiology[edit]

Communication Disorder in Film[edit]

Communication Disorders[edit]

Exploring Speach-Language Pathology Clinical Settings[edit]

Hearing Science[edit]

Hearing Screening Programs[edit]

Intermed Manual Communication[edit]

International Experience--Communication Sciences and Disorders[edit]

Language Acquisition[edit]

Language Disorders[edit]

Manual Communication[edit]

Parent Programs Communication Disorders[edit]


Professional Writing--Speaking[edit]

Public Speaking[edit]

Rural Issues in Speech, Language, and Pathology[edit]

Speaking to Communities[edit]

Speech Pathology and Audiology[edit]

Speech Science[edit]

Voice and Stuttering[edit]

Speech Pathology and Audiology[edit]


Aerospace Engineering[edit]


Aerospace Engineering Design[edit]

Aerospace Structures[edit]

Aviation Ground School[edit]

Compressible Aerodynamics[edit]

Experimental Aerodynamics[edit]

Flight Dynamics[edit]

Flight Mechanics 2[edit]

Flight Simulation[edit]

Flight Simulation for Aircraft Safety[edit]

Flight Vehicle Design-Capstone[edit]

Flight Vehicle Propulsion[edit]

Gas Turbine Design and Durability[edit]

Guided Missile Systems[edit]

Hypersonic Gas Dynamics[edit]

Incompressible Aerodynamics[edit]

Space Flight and Systems[edit]

Space Mechanics[edit]

Space Systems Design[edit]

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Design[edit]

Vertical--Short Takeoff and Landing Aerodynamics[edit]

Introductory Biochemistry[edit]

Agricultural Engineering[edit]

Biological and Agricultural Engineering[edit]

Biomedical Engineering[edit]

Applied Bio-Molecular Modeling[edit]


Biomedical Imaging[edit]

Cellular Machinery[edit]

Tissue Engineering[edit]

Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems[edit]

Biometric Systems[edit]

Chemical Engineering[edit]

Biochemical Engineering[edit]

Biochemical Separations[edit]

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics[edit]

Chemical Engineering Transport Analysis[edit]

Chemical Process Control[edit]

Chemical Process Design[edit]

Chemical Process Safety[edit]

Chemical Reaction Engineering[edit]

Coal Conversion Engineering[edit]

Electronic Materials Processing[edit]

Material and Energy Balances[edit]

Materials Science[edit]

Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineering[edit]

Pollution Prevention[edit]

Polymer Composites Processing[edit]

Polymer Processing[edit]

Polymer Science and Engineering[edit]

Process Fluid Mechanics[edit]

Process Heat Transfer[edit]

Reaction Phenomena[edit]

Separation Processes[edit]

Civil Engineering[edit]

Coastal and Ocean Engineering[edit]

Construction Engineering and Management[edit]

Environmental Engineering[edit]

Geotechnical Engineering[edit]

Structural Engineering[edit]

Transportation Engineering[edit]

Water Resources Engineering[edit]

Concrete Materials[edit]

Civil Engineering Materials[edit]

Computational Fluid Mechanics[edit]

Computer Aided Design and Drafting for Civil Engineers[edit]

Conceptual Design of Structures[edit]

Concrete Canoe--Steel Bridge Design and Construction[edit]

Concrete and Aggregates[edit]

Construction Engineering[edit]

Construction Methods[edit]

Earthwork Design[edit]

Engineering Hydology[edit]

Environmental Aerosol Science[edit]

Environmental Engineering Design[edit]

Environmental Science and Technology[edit]

Flexible Pavements[edit]

Fluid Mechanics for Civil Engineers[edit]

Foundation Engineering[edit]


Geotechnical Engineering Field Methods[edit]

Highway Engineering[edit]

Hydrotechnical Engineering[edit]

Land Surveying[edit]

Pavement Design[edit]

Pedestrian--Bike Transportation[edit]

Properties of Air Pollutants[edit]

Railway Engineering[edit]

Reinforced Concrete Design[edit]

Soil Mechanics[edit]

Steel Design[edit]

Structural Analysis[edit]

Timber Design[edit]

Traffic Engineering and Operations[edit]

Urban Transportation Planning and Design[edit]

Computer Engineering[edit]

Computer Incident Response[edit]

Digital Computer Architecture[edit]

Digital Logic Design[edit]

Microcomputer Structures and Interfacing[edit]

Microelectronics Circuits[edit]

Microprocessor Systems[edit]

Real-Time Systems Development[edit]

Wireless Networking[edit]

Computer Science[edit]

Advanced Software Engineering[edit]

Analysis of Algorithms[edit]

Artificial Intelligence[edit]

Automata Theory[edit]

Compiler Construction[edit]

Computer Applications[edit]

Computer Architecture[edit]

Computer Graphics[edit]

Computer Security[edit]

Computer System Concepts[edit]

Data Mining[edit]

Data Structures[edit]

Data and Computer Communications[edit]

Database Design and Theory[edit]

Design of Algorithms[edit]

Discrete Mathematics 2[edit]

Discrete Mathematics[edit]

File and Data Structures[edit]

Game Development[edit]

Operating Systems Structures[edit]

Programming Languages[edit]

Software Engineering[edit]

Electrical Engineering[edit]

Analog Electronics[edit]



Biometric Systems[edit]

Communications Systems[edit]

Control Systems[edit]

Device Design and Integration[edit]

Digital Control[edit]

Digital Electronics[edit]

Digital Image Processing[edit]

Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals[edit]

Digital Speech Processing[edit]

Electrical Circuits[edit]

Electrical Power Distribution Systems[edit]

Electromechanical Energy Conversion and Systems[edit]

Engineering Electromagnetics[edit]

Fiber Optics Communications[edit]



Power Electronics[edit]

Power Systems Analysis[edit]

Signals and Systems[edit]

Electronic Systems Engineering Technology[edit]

Industrial Distribution[edit]

Industrial Engineering[edit]

Computer Applications in Industrial Engineering[edit]

Design for Manufacturability[edit]

Design of Productive Systems[edit]

Designing Decision Support System[edit]

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability[edit]

Engineering Economy[edit]

Engineering Statistics[edit]

Expert Systems in Industrial And Management Systems Engineering[edit]

Fundamentals of Industrial Engineering[edit]

Human Factors Engineering[edit]

Industrial Quality Control[edit]

Manufacturing Processes[edit]

Materials and Costing[edit]

Operations Research[edit]

Plant Layout--Material Handling[edit]

Production Planning and Control[edit]

Re-Engineering Management Systems[edit]

Simulation by Digital Methods[edit]

System Safety Engineering[edit]

Systems Engineering[edit]

Team Facilitation[edit]

Technology Entrepreneurship[edit]

Total Quality Management[edit]

Analysis of Engineering Data[edit]

Manufacturing EngineeringÂÂÂ[edit]

Mechanical Engineering[edit]

Feedback Control[edit]

Automatic Controls[edit]


Computational Fluid Dynamics[edit]

Computer-Aided Design and Finite Element Analysis[edit]

Design of Robotic Systems[edit]


Dynamics of Machines[edit]

Engineering Acoustics[edit]

Engineering Design[edit]

Engineering Systems Design[edit]

Fluid Mechanics[edit]

Gas Dynamics[edit]

Heat Transfer[edit]

Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning[edit]

Internal Combustion Engines[edit]

Machine Design and Manufacturing[edit]

Mechanical Behavior and Materials[edit]

Mechanical Design[edit]

Mechanical Engineering Design[edit]

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Design[edit]

Mechanics of Composite Materials[edit]

Mechanics of Materials[edit]





Mining Engineering[edit]

Applied Mineral Computer Methods[edit]

Coal Mining[edit]

Coal Preparation[edit]

Engineering Computer Aided Design[edit]

Longwall Mining[edit]

Mine Design[edit]

Mine Design-Exploration Mapping[edit]

Mine Design-Report Capstone[edit]

Mine Power Systems[edit]

Mine Surveying[edit]

Mine Ventilation[edit]

Mine and Safety Management[edit]

Mineral Processing[edit]

Mineral Property Evaluation[edit]

Rock Mechanics--Ground Control[edit]

Surface Mining Systems[edit]

Underground Mining Systems[edit]

Nuclear Engineering[edit]

Ocean Engineering[edit]

Petroleum Engineering[edit]

Reservoir Engineering[edit]

Basic Reservoir Engineering[edit]

Drilling Engineering[edit]

Formation Evaluation[edit]

Multidisciplinary Team Project[edit]

Natural Gas Engineering[edit]

Natural Gas Production and Storage[edit]

Oil and Gas Property Evaluation[edit]

Petroleum Engineering Design[edit]

Petroleum Engineering Ethics[edit]

Petroleum Properties and Phase Behavior[edit]

Production Engineering[edit]

Transport Phenomena[edit]

Well Stimulation Design[edit]

Energy Engineering[edit]

Fluid Mechanics Videos[edit]


Nanotechnology Design[edit]




Descriptive Astronomy[edit]

Explosions in Space[edit]

General Relativity[edit]

Observational Astronomy[edit]


Biological Chemistry[edit]


Advanced Cellular--Molecular Biology[edit]

Animal Behavior[edit]

Animal Communication[edit]

Behavioral Ecology[edit]

Biochemical Basis of Therapeutics[edit]

Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids and Proteins[edit]



Biotechnology and Society[edit]

Cell Biology for Pre-Pharmacy[edit]

Cell Physiology[edit]

Cell and Molecular Biology Methods[edit]

Central Nervous System Evolution and Development[edit]

Comparative Anatomy[edit]

Computational Neuroscience[edit]

Developmental Biology[edit]

Developmental Genetics[edit]

Ecology and Evolution[edit]

Environmental Biology[edit]


Evolution of Infectious Diseases[edit]

Forensic Biology[edit]

Freshwater Ecology[edit]

General Animal Physiology[edit]

General Biology[edit]


Global Ecology[edit]


History of Biology[edit]

Human Physiology[edit]

Human Sexuality[edit]



Invertebrate Zoology[edit]

Marine EcoSystem[edit]

Microbial Symbiosis[edit]

Molecular Basis of Cellular Growth[edit]

Molecular Basis of Disease[edit]

Molecular Biology of Cancer[edit]

Molecular Endocrinology[edit]

Molecular Genetics[edit]



Physiological Psychology[edit]


Plant Anatomy and Development[edit]

Plant Development[edit]

Plant Diversity[edit]

Plant Ecology[edit]

Plant Geography[edit]

Plant Physiology[edit]

Plant Systematics[edit]

Population and Quantitative Genetics[edit]

Principles of Biology[edit]

Principles of Evolution[edit]

Professional Development[edit]

Protein Structure and Function[edit]

Recombinant DNA[edit]

Sensory Neural Systems and Behavior[edit]

The Human Environment[edit]

The Living Cell[edit]

The Total Science Experience - Genomics[edit]

Vertebrate Embryology[edit]

Vertebrate Microanatomy[edit]


Writing Appalachian Ecology[edit]


Analytical Chemistry[edit]


Colloid and Surface Chemistry[edit]

Environmental Chemistry[edit]

Experimental Physical Chemistry[edit]

Forensic Chemistry[edit]

Fundamentals of Chemistry[edit]

Inorganic Chemistry[edit]

Instrumental Analysis[edit]

Methods of Structure Determination[edit]

Organic Chemistry[edit]

Organic Syntheses[edit]

Physical Chemistry[edit]

Polymer Chemistry[edit]

Principles of Chemistry[edit]

Quantum Chemistry[edit]

Environmental Chemistry[edit]


Conservation Genetics[edit]

Genetics and Society[edit]


Environmental Geoscience[edit]

Atmospheric Sciences[edit]



African Environment and Development[edit]
Biogeography - Theory and Method[edit]
Climate and Environment[edit]
Climatological Analysis[edit]
Crime Geography[edit]
Digital Cartography[edit]
Digital Earth[edit]
Economic Geography[edit]
Environmental Field Geography[edit]
Environmental Geographic Information Systems[edit]
Geographic Information Science - Applications[edit]
Geographic Information Science - Design and Implementation[edit]
Geographic Information Systems and Science[edit]
Geographical Data Analysis[edit]
Geography of Africa[edit]
Geography of Europe[edit]
Geography of Gender[edit]
Geography of the Middle East[edit]
Global Environmental Change[edit]
Global Issues[edit]
Human Geography[edit]
Natural Resources[edit]
Physical Geography[edit]
Political Geography[edit]
Population Geography[edit]
Remote Sensing[edit]
Remote Sensing Applications[edit]
Rural and Regional Development[edit]
United States and Canada[edit]
Urban Geography[edit]
Urban and Regional Planning[edit]
World Regions[edit]

Geographic Information Science[edit]




Cave and Karst Geology[edit]
Deep Time Earth Systems[edit]
Earth Through Time[edit]
Environmental Geochemistry[edit]
Environmental Geology[edit]
Environmental Isotopes[edit]
Environmental Practicum[edit]
Environmental and Exploration of Geophysics[edit]
Fossils and Evolution[edit]
Geology of the National Parks[edit]
Log Analysis-Reading the Rocks[edit]
Mineral Resources[edit]
Minerals and the Environment[edit]
Petroleum Geology[edit]
Physical Hydrogeology[edit]
Physical Oceanography[edit]
Planet Earth[edit]
Stratigraphy and Sedimentation[edit]
Structural Geology[edit]



Algebraic Structures[edit]

Analysis and Topology[edit]

Applied Calculus[edit]

Applied Mathematics[edit]


Complex Variables[edit]

Concepts of Mathematics[edit]


Deterministic Mathematical Modeling[edit]

Discrete Mathematics[edit]

Differential Equations[edit]


History of Mathematics[edit]

Linear Algebra[edit]

Mathematical Analysis[edit]

Mathematical Logic[edit]

Mathematics of Compound Interest[edit]

Measurement and Geometry for Teachers[edit]

Modern Algebra[edit]

Multivariable Calculus[edit]

Numerical Analysis[edit]

Numerical and Symbolic Methods in Mathematics and Statistics[edit]

Operations Research[edit]

Partial Differential Equations[edit]

Plane Trigonometry[edit]

Pre-Calculus Mathematics[edit]

Quantitative Skill and Reasoning[edit]

Real Analysis[edit]


Medical Microbiology[edit]

Molecular and Cell Biology[edit]


Atomic Physics[edit]

Computational Physics[edit]

Conceptual Physics[edit]

Electricity and Magnetism[edit]


Experimental Space Physics[edit]

General Physics[edit]

Light, Vision and Color[edit]

Mathematical Physics[edit]

Medical Imaging Physics[edit]

Modern Physics[edit]

Nuclear Physics[edit]


Physics of Music[edit]

Plasma Physics[edit]

Quantum Mechanics[edit]

Solid State Physics[edit]

Theoretical Mechanics[edit]

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics[edit]


Bioinformatics Computing[edit]

Computational Genomics[edit]

Data Analysis[edit]

Design and Analysis[edit]

Elementary Statistical Inference[edit]

Forensic Statistics[edit]

Industrial Statistics[edit]

Numerical and Symbolic Methods in Mathematics and Statistics[edit]

Probability and Statistical Inference[edit]

Probability and Statistics[edit]

Sampling Methods[edit]

Statistical Methods[edit]

Statistical Modeling[edit]

Theory of Probability[edit]

Theory of Statistics[edit]


Liberal Arts[edit]



Classical Civilization[edit]

Classical Language and Literature[edit]

Elementary Latin[edit]

Greek and Roman Civilization and Culture[edit]

Greek and Roman Myths[edit]

Intermediate Latin[edit]


Business and Professional Communication[edit]

Communication Education[edit]

Communication Ethics[edit]

Communication Research Methods[edit]

Communication Theory and Research[edit]

Communication and Aging[edit]

Computer Mediated Communications[edit]

Family Communication[edit]

Gender and Communication[edit]

Health Communication[edit]

Human Communication[edit]

Intercultural Communication[edit]

Interpersonal Communication[edit]

Mass Media[edit]

Nonverbal Communication[edit]

Nonviolence in Communication Behavior[edit]

Organizational Communication[edit]

Organizational Culture[edit]


Presentational Speaking[edit]

Public Communication[edit]

Small Group Communication[edit]

Social Media[edit]



Business and Economics Statistics[edit]


Comparative Economic Systems[edit]


Economic Development[edit]

Economic History[edit]

European Economics[edit]

Government and Business[edit]

History of Economic Thought[edit]

International Economics[edit]

Labor Economics[edit]

Macro-Economic Theory[edit]


Mathematical Economics[edit]

Micro-Economic Theory[edit]


Money and Banking[edit]

Public Economics[edit]

Regional Economics[edit]

Urban Economics[edit]



American Drama[edit]

American Folklore and Culture[edit]

American Poetry[edit]

American Studies[edit]

American Women Writers[edit]

Appalachian Fiction[edit]

Appalachian Studies[edit]

Teaching Composition[edit]

British Women Writers[edit]

Business and Professional Writing[edit]



Academic Writing[edit]
Composition and Rhetoric[edit]
Creative Writing[edit]
Creative Writing - Fiction[edit]
Creative Writing - Non-Fiction[edit]
Creative Writing - Poetry[edit]
Technical Writing[edit]
The Short Story[edit]
Multimedia Writing[edit]



English Language[edit]

Environmental Criticism[edit]

Fiction for Adolescents[edit]

Film Studies[edit]

Foundations of Literary Study[edit]

History of the English Language[edit]


Folk Literature[edit]
African American Literature[edit]
African Literature[edit]
American Literature[edit]
British Literature[edit]
British--Irish Literature[edit]
Commonwealth Literature[edit]
Humanities Computing[edit]
Women in Literature[edit]
Justice and Literature[edit]
Literary Criticism[edit]
Literary Theory[edit]
Literature of Place[edit]
Literature of the Eighteenth Century[edit]
Literature of the Middle Ages[edit]
Literature of the Seventeenth Century[edit]
Multiethnic Literature[edit]
Native American Literature[edit]
The Bible as Literature[edit]
Twentieth Century American Literature[edit]
Victorian Literature[edit]
Western World Literature[edit]
Women's Literature[edit]
Writing Theory and Practice[edit]
Non-Western World Literature[edit]


Old English[edit]


Popular American Culture[edit]

Postcolonial Literature[edit]

Science Fiction and Fantasy[edit]

Sexual Diversity in Literature and Film[edit]


Short Story and Novel[edit]

Southern Writers[edit]

Study of a Major Author[edit]

The English Language[edit]

The Romantic Movement[edit]

Forensic and Investigative Science[edit]

Advanced Forensic Photography[edit]

Biological Evidence for Forensic Examiners[edit]

Blood Stain Pattern Analysis[edit]

Court Testimony[edit]

Crime Scene Investigation[edit]

Expert Testimony Perspectives[edit]

Forensic Identification[edit]

Forensic Photography[edit]

Forensic Quality Assurance[edit]

Latent Fingerprint[edit]

Law and Evidence[edit]


Principles of Forensic Photography[edit]

Professional Ethics in Forensic Science[edit]

Professional Forensic Communication[edit]

Science - Technology of Fingerprint Identification[edit]

Social Relations of Forensic and Law Professionals[edit]


1920s America[edit]

Absolutism And Enlightenment[edit]

African-American History-1900[edit]

African-American Since 1900[edit]

America in the 1960's[edit]

American Economic History[edit]

American Foreign Relations 1941 to Present[edit]

American Foreign Relations to 1941[edit]

American Indian History[edit]

Antebellum America - 1781-1861[edit]

Appalachian Regional History[edit]

Britain 1455-1603[edit]

Civil War and Reconstruction[edit]

Colonial Africa and Independence[edit]

East Africa Since 1895[edit]

East Africa to 1895[edit]

East Asia[edit]

Eastern Europe Since 1945[edit]

Eighteenth Century America[edit]

Eighteenth Century Britain - 1715-1832[edit]

France Since 1815[edit]

France from 1450 to 1750[edit]

German Central Europe, 1648-1900[edit]

Greece and Rome[edit]

Greece - From Troy to Alexander[edit]

Growth of the American Nation to 1865[edit]

Historic Preservation[edit]

Historical Research-Capstone[edit]

History of American Women[edit]

History of Ancient Times - Stone Age to the Fall of Rome[edit]

History of Fascism[edit]

History of Italy since 1800[edit]

History of Italy, 1200-1800[edit]

History of Modern Germany[edit]

History of Modern Mexico[edit]

History of Russia to 1917[edit]

History of Russia - 1900-Present[edit]

History of Sacred Places[edit]

History of the Alps[edit]

History of the American Revolution - 1763-1790[edit]

Hitler and the Third Reich[edit]

Hollywood and History[edit]

Latin America - Culture, Conquest, Colonization[edit]

Latin America - Past and Present[edit]

Latin America - Reform and Revolution[edit]

Making of Modern America - 1865 to the Present[edit]

Medieval Europe[edit]

Modern China[edit]

Modern Japan[edit]

Modern Military History[edit]

Modern South Asia[edit]

North America - Past and Present[edit]

Pre-Colonial Africa[edit]

Public History[edit]

Recent America - The United States since 1918[edit]

Renaissance and Reformation[edit]

Revolutionary Europe[edit]

Revolutionary Russia - 1900-1953[edit]

Rome - From Romulus to Zenobia[edit]

Seventeenth Century Colonial America[edit]

The Agrarian Transformation[edit]

The Aztec, Maya, and Inca[edit]

The City in American History[edit]

The Coming of the United States Civil War[edit]

The French Wars of Religion[edit]

The Gilded Age in US History[edit]

The Mediterranean 1200-1800[edit]

The Middle East[edit]

The New South[edit]

The Old South[edit]

The United States from McKinley to the New Deal, 1896 to 1933[edit]

The United States - 1865-1918[edit]

The Vietnam War[edit]

Twentieth Century American Foreign Relations[edit]

Twentieth Century Europe[edit]

Twentieth Century German Central Europe[edit]

Twentieth-Century Germany from Weimar to Bonn[edit]

USSR and After - 1953 to Present[edit]

United States Civil Rights Movement[edit]

United States Cultural History - 1819-1893[edit]

United States History - New Deal to Great Society[edit]

West Africa from 1885[edit]

West Africa to 1885[edit]

West Virginia[edit]

Western Civilization - 1600 to Present[edit]

Western Civilization - Antiquity to 1600[edit]

Women in Colonial Latin America[edit]

Women, Gender, and Kinship in Premodern Europe[edit]

Working Class America[edit]

World History Since 1500. 0-[edit]

World History to 1500[edit]

World War II in America[edit]

World War II in Europe[edit]


Critical Reasoning[edit]

Current Moral Problems[edit]

Ethical Theory[edit]



Health Care Ethics[edit]

History of Ancient Philosophy[edit]

History of Ethics[edit]

History of Modern Philosophy[edit]

History of Philosophy[edit]

Medieval Philosophy[edit]


Philosophy of Language[edit]

Philosophy of Law[edit]

Philosophy of Mind[edit]

Philosophy of Religion[edit]

Philosophy of Science[edit]

Philosophy of Sport[edit]

Social and Political Philosophy[edit]

Symbolic Logic[edit]

Continental Philosophy[edit]

Theory of Knowledge[edit]

Political Science[edit]

Administrative Law[edit]

American Constitutional Law[edit]

American Federalism and Policy[edit]

American Foreign Relations[edit]

American Government[edit]

American Political Philosophy[edit]

American Politics[edit]

American Presidency[edit]

Appellate Judicial Process[edit]

Bureaucratic Politics[edit]

Civil Liberties in the United States[edit]

Civil Rights, Policy, and Politics[edit]

Civil Society in Context[edit]

Comparative Politics[edit]

Criminal Law Policy and Administration[edit]

Empirical Political Analysis[edit]

Energy Policy and Politics[edit]

Environmental Policy[edit]

European Union Law--Institutions[edit]

European Union Law--Legal Systems[edit]

Far East International Affairs[edit]

Foreign Policy[edit]

Foreign Policy Decision-Making[edit]

Gender and International Relations[edit]

Gender Politics and Policy[edit]

Global Political Issues[edit]

Government of China[edit]

Government of Japan[edit]

Governments of Latin America[edit]

History of Political Thought[edit]

Intelligence Analysis[edit]

Intelligence Analysis Methods[edit]

Interest Groups and Democracy[edit]

International Law[edit]

International Law and Institutions[edit]

International Political Economy[edit]

International Relations[edit]

Law and Politics[edit]

Law and Public Policy[edit]

Law and the Legal System[edit]

Legislative Process[edit]

Modern Political Thought[edit]

National Security[edit]

National Security Analysis[edit]

Policy Analysis[edit]

Political Parties And Elections[edit]

Politics of Africa[edit]

Politics of Economic Policy[edit]

Politics of Social Welfare[edit]

Politics of Terrorism[edit]

Politics of War and Peace[edit]

Politics of the European Union[edit]

Politics of the Middle East[edit]

Psychological Theories of Politics[edit]

Public Administration[edit]

Public Opinion and Politics[edit]

Russian and Post-Soviet Politics[edit]

State and Local Government[edit]

Transformation of War[edit]

Western Democratic Governments[edit]


Abnormal Psychology[edit]

Adulthood and Aging[edit]

Applying to Graduate School[edit]

Behavior Modification[edit]

Behavior Principles[edit]

Biological Foundations of Behavior[edit]

Child and Adolescent Development[edit]

Cognition and Memory[edit]

Community Psychology[edit]

Drugs and Behavior[edit]

Emotions and Mood[edit]

Exceptional Children[edit]

Forensic Psychology[edit]

History and Systems of Psychology[edit]

Human Development[edit]

Leadership and Human Relations[edit]

Learning and Behavior Theory[edit]

Multiculturalism in Psychology[edit]


Personality Theory[edit]

Physiological Psychology[edit]

Prenatal and Infant Development[edit]

Psychobiology of Sleep[edit]

Psychological Assessment[edit]

Psychology of Adjustment[edit]

Psychology of Cinema[edit]

Research Methods in Psychology[edit]

Sex Roles and Behavior[edit]

Social Psychology[edit]

Religious Studies[edit]


Asian Scriptures[edit]

Biblical Ethics - Current Issues[edit]

Biblical History and Archeology of Israel[edit]

Biblical History - Archaeology[edit]

Christian Scripture[edit]

Christianity in America[edit]

Contemporary Theology[edit]

Hebrew Scriptures[edit]

Historical Theology[edit]

History and Practice of Islam[edit]

Islamic Scriptures[edit]

Issues in Religious Studies[edit]

Origins of Judaism[edit]

Religion Across Cultures[edit]

Religions of China and Japan[edit]

Religions of India[edit]

The History of Christianity[edit]

Theological Perspectives in Modern Literature[edit]

World Religions[edit]

Social Work[edit]


Anthropological Theory[edit]

Anthropological Thought[edit]


Anthropology of Health and Illness[edit]

Anthropolpgy of Religion[edit]


Archaeology of Ancient States[edit]

Cities and Urban Life[edit]

Class, Status, and Power[edit]

Complex Organizations[edit]

Constructing Social Problems[edit]

Corporate and White Collar Crime[edit]

Criminal Justice Process[edit]


Cultural Anthropology[edit]

Cultural Resource Management[edit]


Death and Dying[edit]

Deviant Behavior[edit]

Drugs, Crime, and Society[edit]

Economy and Society[edit]

Environmental Anthropology[edit]

Ethnographic Field Methods[edit]

Families and Society[edit]

Gender and Crime[edit]

Hate Crime[edit]

Historical Archaeology[edit]

Inequality and the Media[edit]

Inside Out Prison Exchange[edit]

Issues in Crime and Justice[edit]

Juvenile Delinquency[edit]

Latin American Culture[edit]

Mass Media, Crime and Deviance[edit]

Mesoamerican Archaeology[edit]

Neighborhoods and Crime[edit]

Organized Crime[edit]

Physical Anthropology[edit]

Police Culture and Socialization[edit]

Punishment and Social Control[edit]

Race and Ethnic Relations[edit]

Social Movements[edit]

Social Problems in Contemporary America[edit]

Social Psychology[edit]

Social Research Methods[edit]

Sociological Theory[edit]

Sociology and Anthropology[edit]

Sociology of American Business[edit]

Sociology of Law[edit]

Sociology of Rural Life[edit]

Sociology of Work and Work Places[edit]


The Criminal Justice System[edit]

The Investigating Professions[edit]

Third World Development[edit]

Traditional and Changing Africa[edit]


Women and Men in Society[edit]

Telecommunication Media Studies[edit]

World Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics[edit]


Structural Linguistics[edit]
Structure of Modern French[edit]


Modern Standard Arabic[edit]
Arabic Conversation[edit]
Arabic Structure[edit]
Readings in Arabic[edit]


Spanish Language in Spain[edit]
Commercial Spanish[edit]
Culture of Spain[edit]
Early Literature of Spain[edit]
Early Spanish American Literature[edit]
Hispanic World[edit]
Spanish American Literature[edit]
Spanish Conversation[edit]
Spanish Culture in Spain[edit]
Spanish Grammar Review[edit]
Spanish Literature[edit]
Spanish Phonetics and Pronunciation[edit]
Spanish Through Media[edit]
Spanish for Heritage Speakers[edit]
Latin American Culture[edit]
Modern Literature of Spain[edit]
Modern Spanish American Literature[edit]


Russian Conversation and Composition[edit]
Russian Culture[edit]
Russian Structure and Reading[edit]



German Cultural History[edit]
German Grammar[edit]
German Literature[edit]
German Pronunciation[edit]
German for Business[edit]
Caribbean Literature[edit]
Business Chinese[edit]
Mandarin Chinese[edit]
Chinese Media[edit]
Commercial French[edit]
Culture French[edit]
French Cinema[edit]
French Civilization[edit]
French Phonetics and Pronunciation[edit]
French Readings[edit]
French Structure and Communication[edit]
French Stylistics[edit]
Italian Composition and Conversation[edit]
Italian Folktales[edit]
Modern Italian Civilization[edit]
Italian Through Film[edit]
Japanese Conversation and Composition[edit]
Japanese Culture[edit]
Japanese Reading[edit]
Japanese Structure[edit]


Readings in Modern Chinese[edit]

Readings in Spanish[edit]

Second Language Acquisition[edit]

Survey of French Literature[edit]

Survey of Italian Literature[edit]

Survey of Russian Literature[edit]

The Russian Short Story[edit]

The Teaching of Foreign Languages[edit]

Writing in the Hispanic World[edit]

Cultural Studies[edit]

American Studies[edit]

Africana Studies[edit]

International Studies[edit]

Latin American Studies[edit]

Native American Studies[edit]

Slavic and East European Studies[edit]

International Commerce[edit]

Global Business Communication[edit]
Global Strategic Issues[edit]

International Communication and Media[edit]

International Environmental Studies[edit]

International Geographic Information Systems[edit]

Global Cultural Studies[edit]

International Politics and Diplomacy[edit]

Women's and Gender Studies[edit]

African Women Writers[edit]
American Indian Women Writers[edit]
Feminist Theory[edit]
Gender and Violence[edit]
Medieval Women Mystics[edit]
Men and Masculinities[edit]
Sex and Science at the Movies[edit]
Sexuality in American Culture[edit]
The Aging Woman[edit]
Women in Appalachia[edit]
Women in International Development[edit]
Women in Movies[edit]
Women in Science[edit]
Women's Health and Fitness[edit]
Women's Movements Since 1960[edit]
Women's and Gender Studies. 0-[edit]
Women, Religion and Spirituality[edit]

Chinese Cinema[edit]

Chinese Civilization and Culture[edit]

Chinese Culture[edit]

Contemporary Polish Cinema[edit]

Cultures of Mexico[edit]

Gods and Heroes of Nordic Mythology[edit]

Holocaust - Eastern Europe Film and Literature[edit]

Italian Cinema 1945 to Present[edit]

Italian-American Experience[edit]

Japanese Culture[edit]

Japanese Culture and Cinema[edit]

Latin American Cinema[edit]

Polish Cinema - Kieslowski[edit]

Russian Fairy Tales[edit]

Spanish Civilization--Literature[edit]



Entertainment Media[edit]

Event Planning[edit]

Health Promotion[edit]

Interactive Media Design[edit]


American Journalism History[edit]

Applied Health Promotion[edit]

Audio Reporting[edit]

Beat Reporting[edit]

Beginning Video Reporting[edit]

Documentary Film in America[edit]

Editing and Curation[edit]

Electronic Media and Society[edit]

Entertainment Reporting[edit]

Feature Writing[edit]

Gaming Design and Digital Narrative[edit]

Health Promotion Campaigns[edit]

High School Publications Advising[edit]

Interactive Design[edit]

Interactive Media and Audience Building[edit]

International Media[edit]

Investigative Reporting[edit]

Media Design[edit]

Media Ethics and Law[edit]

Media Relations In Sport[edit]

Media Tools And Applications[edit]

Media Writing[edit]

Media and Society[edit]

Multimedia News Publication[edit]

Multimedia Reporting[edit]

Opinion Writing[edit]



Social Media Applications[edit]

Social Media Campaigns[edit]

Social Media Strategy[edit]

Social Media and Journalism[edit]

Sport Journalism[edit]

The Community Newspaper[edit]

Video Bureau Reporting[edit]

Video Editing[edit]

Video Reporting and Producing[edit]

Video and Audio News Writing[edit]

Visual Journalism and New Media[edit]

Visual Storytelling for the Media[edit]

Writing for Health Promotion[edit]

Public Relations[edit]

Applied Public Relations[edit]

Creative Design and Strategy[edit]

Entertainment Media Branding[edit]

Entertainment Media Campaigns[edit]

Event Execution[edit]

Event Planning[edit]

Event Promotion[edit]

Health Public Relations[edit]

Integrated Marketing Communications for Public Relations[edit]

Integrated Marketing Communications for Sport[edit]

Promotion for Entertainment Media[edit]

Public Relations Campaigns-Capstone[edit]

Public Relations Writing and Applications[edit]

Web Development[edit]

Writing for Public Relations[edit]

Sport Communication[edit]

Strategic Communications[edit]

Advertising and Public Relations Audience[edit]

Strategic Advertising and Public Relations Writing[edit]

Strategic Communication Campaigns for Public Relations and Advertising[edit]

Strategic Communication Strategy and Management[edit]

Strategic Social Media[edit]

Strategic Social Media[edit]

Health Science[edit]





Human Performance and Health[edit]

Exercise Physiology[edit]

Application of Aquatic Therapy[edit]
Aquatic Therapy Facility Management[edit]
Exercise in American Culture[edit]
Industry Organization in Exercise Physiology[edit]
Medical Terminology[edit]
Physiology of Exercise[edit]
Research Methods[edit]
Strength--Conditioning Methods[edit]
Theory of Aquatic Therapy[edit]
Writing for Exercise Science[edit]

Health Informatics and Information Management[edit]

Immunology and Medical Microbiology[