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Hi; My name is Dharma Rae Wilding, call me Rae. I'm single with 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren. My children are just ordinary people like me. My oldest was a marine for 20 years. He's 45 and married the only girl he ever dated. They were 10 years old when she proposed the day they met and he said yes. He has 2 teen aged daughters. My daughter lives in New Mexico. She's 40, single and a bit of a free spirit, more like her mother than she would like to admit. My youngest son is 35 and has a baby son. I won't tell you how old I am , but my grandparents and great-grandparents on my mothers side lived to be over 100. So I am just a kid comparatively speaking.

I tried to instill a love of learning in all my children, but didn't have much luck with the boys. Although my oldest says the same thing to his daughters that I said to him. And the oldest one has taken it to heart. She is planning on going to college. The other one just wants to coon hunt like her mother.She got her first buck when she was 11.

I've done factory work for 20 years while I raised my children, and took classes at night. Right now I am a night auditor at a motel so I can have my days free to attend classes and have time to study at night.I've been in school off and on for 27 years. I'll never finish. There will always be more to learn. I love physics, astronomy, and history. So even when I get my masters there will be more to learn just for the sake of having the knowledge. Some people like expensive cars, clothes, houses, and jewelry or perhaps they like parties and vacations. I like going to college.I've been told I am a bit of a geek, but I don't see it.

I will be a nontraditional teacher.I hope to get a position with the military teaching on post in Asia or Europe. I have quite a few ideas about how I want to teach. I hope to have the luxury of being able to reach and teach each child as the totally unique individual they are. Classes on military bases are usually small and I should be able to work one on one with my students on a regular basis.

My Teaching Philosophy[edit]

My teaching philosophy is the same as my life philosophy. With enough of the right kind of attention and encouragement every human being to reach their full potential. Teaching is the second most important and difficult job there is after parenting. Teachers influence more people for good or bad than any other occupation. Therefore we have an enormous responsibility to the world. There is a quote by Condorcet in 1792 2 years before his death during the French revolution That I find very inspiring. "To assure each one the facility of perfecting his skills... Those talents with which nature has endowed him; and thereby to establish among all citizens an actual equality , thus rendering real the political equality recognized by the law. This should be the first aim of any national education.... An obligation of justice". That was written after the republicans toppled the monarchy in France.