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Starting OnbA[edit | edit source]


Many guys stop their attemps to use the OnbA simply because it have a poor interface with no help. Now is time to solve this.
To use OnbA you will need an assembler source code file. To do this open SrcEdit, edit a file and save it with ".asm" extension. Start the OnbA and tap DOC button. Now all your ".asm" files will be listed. Select one and tap "Build" button to compile it.
Don't forgot to specify in your file the prc destination name and the creator identifier:

  • prc "MyPRC"
  • creator "Me00"

Also, if you have a multi-segment application, take care with your output, which record will be overwritten or created inside your prc file.

  • code - will write to the current code record, default CODE 1
  • code <number> - will write to the code segment <number>, CODE <number>
  • Note: valid values are integers bigger than 0

If you need additionally resources, create an Onboard C project with the same prc name and creator identifier, include in project your resource files, then build it. Next time when you launch OnbA, it will overwrite only the data or code records which you have specified. So don't bother cause you will damage the prc file. Got the point? Very simple.

First program[edit | edit source]

Open the SrcEdit and type this code:

   ; Simple skeleton app
   ; name of the prc to produce
   prc "MyFirst"
   ; name of creator, 4 chars
   creator "test"
   ;  put OnbA into code generating mode
   ; some equ's of common systrap names
   include "systraps.inc"
   proc PilotMain_00(cmd.w, cmdPBP.l launchFlags.w)
   local err.w
   local evt.24
      tst.w cmd(a6)           ; is normal launch?
      bne PmReturn            ; no jump to PmReturn
      systrap FrmAlert(#1000) ; yes show the form alert 1000

If you don't have a systraps.inc file, replace the line

include "systraps.inc"


FrmAlert equ $A192

Now save the file as "MyFirst.asm" and compile it. Before running you will need an alert resource named 1000. Open the RsrcEdit, find and open file "MyFirst" with creator "test", then create an alert resource with id 1000. Now save and run your application.

Skeleton with no forms[edit | edit source]

A template Onboard C source file with no form API included:

  • #include <headers here>
  • some global variables
  • startApp() // definition
  • stopApp() // definition
  • MyEventHandler() // definition
  • PilotMain // finally the program
  • startApp()
  • do eventLoop {
  • ...
  • MyEventHandler
  • ...
  • } while !appStopEvent
  • stopApp()
//#include <headers ....>
// some globals only to see
// how to do this in OnbA
int exampleInt;
long exampleLong;
int *examplePtrInt;
long *examplePtrLong;
static void startApp() 
 // init sequence here
static void stopApp()  
 // exit sequence here
int MyEventHandler
(EventPtr pEvent)
  int handled;
      case penDownEvent:
         // do something
         handled = 1;
         // add more events here
     default: handled = 0; break;
   return handled;
UInt32  PilotMain(UInt16  cmd,
void *cmdPBP, UInt16  launchFlags)
  EventType  event;
  UInt16 error;
  if(cmd == 
           EvtGetEvent(&event, 0);
           if (SysHandleEvent (&event))
        } while (event.eType != appStopEvent);
  return 0;

Skeleton translation into OnbA:

; prc executable file name
prc "MyPrcName"
; prc creator 4 chars
creator "Wiki"  
; put OnbA on data mode for global variables
exampleInt dc.w 0
exampleLong dc.l 0
; size of pointer is always 4/long
examplePtrInt dc.4 0
examplePtrLong dc.4 0
; put OnbA on code mode
include "systraps.inc"
proc startApp()
   ; ...
proc stopApp()
   ; ...
; return 1 - handled, 0 - not handled
; if you use byte/boolean it need additional instructions
; to extend from byte to word, so use word
proc MyEventHandler(pEvent.l)
      move.l pEvent(a6), a0 ; get address of pEvent
      cmpi.w #1, (a0)       ; compare first word (pEvent->eType) with penDownEvent (1)
      bne MEH_NotHandled      
         move.w #1, d0     ; return 1
         bra MEH_End
      MEH_NotHandled       ; return 0
         move.w #0, d0
      MEH_End              ; end procedure
proc PilotMain_00(cmd.w, cmdPBP.l launchFlags.w)
   local err.w
   local evt.24
      tst.w cmd(a6)           ; is normal launch?
      bne PM_Return           ; no jump to PM_Return
      call startApp()
         systrap EvtGetEvent(&evt(a6), #-1.w) ; -1 = wait forever
         systrap SysHandleEvent(&evt(a6))
         tst.b d0                               ; d0 (return) is 0? is not handled?
         bne PM_EventLoop                       ; if not, loop again
         call MyEventHandler(&evt(a6))         ; custom user handler
         lea evt(a6), a0                        ; get address of evt
         cmpi.w #22, (a0)                       ; compares evt.first.word with appStopEvent (22)
         bne PM_EventLoop                       ; not? loop again
      call stopApp()
      moveq #0, d0

Check the last section for systraps.inc content. You can make your custom file only with very used system routines.

Skeleton with forms[edit | edit source]

Multi-segment applications[edit | edit source]

Directives[edit | edit source]

Known bugs[edit | edit source]

Redundant code[edit | edit source]

Systraps.inc[edit | edit source]

AbtShowAbout equ $A2AF
AccessorDispatch equ $A3F4
AlmAlarmCallback equ $A237
AlmCancelAll equ $A236
AlmDisplayAlarm equ $A23A
AlmEnableNotification equ $A23B
AlmGetAlarm equ $A239
AlmInit equ $A235
AlmSetAlarm equ $A238
AlmTimeChange equ $A364
AttnAllowClose equ $A430
AttnDoEmergencySpecialEffects equ $A42F
AttnDoSpecialEffects equ $A42E
AttnEffectOfEvent equ $A42C
AttnEnableNotification equ $A432
AttnForgetIt equ $A428
AttnGetAttention equ $A426
AttnGetCounts equ $A429
AttnHandleEvent equ $A42B
AttnIndicatorAllow equ $A41D
AttnIndicatorAllowed equ $A41E
AttnIndicatorCheckBlink equ $A424
AttnIndicatorEnable equ $A41F
AttnIndicatorEnabled equ $A420
AttnIndicatorGetBlinkPattern equ $A422
AttnIndicatorSetBlinkPattern equ $A421
AttnIndicatorTicksTillNextBlink equ $A423
AttnInitialize equ $A425
AttnIterate equ $A42D
AttnListOpen equ $A42A
AttnReopen equ $A431
AttnUpdate equ $A427
BltCopyRectangle equ $A377
BltDrawChars equ $A378
BltFindIndexes equ $A375
BltGetPixel equ $A3F5
BltLineRoutine equ $A379
BltPaintPixel equ $A3F6
BltPaintPixels equ $A457
BltRectangleRoutine equ $A37A
BltRoundedRectangle equ $A415
BltRoundedRectangleFill equ $A416
BmpBitsSize equ $A3E2
BmpColortableSize equ $A3E3
BmpCompress equ $A3DF
BmpCreate equ $A3DD
BmpDelete equ $A3DE
BmpGetBitDepth equ $A44F
BmpGetBits equ $A376
BmpGetColortable equ $A3E0
BmpGetDimensions equ $A44E
BmpGetNextBitmap equ $A450
BmpGetSizes equ $A455
BmpSize equ $A3E1
CategoryCreateList equ $A2C3
CategoryCreateListV10 equ $A101
CategoryEdit equ $A322
CategoryEditV10 equ $A105
CategoryEditV20 equ $A2C5
CategoryFind equ $A103
CategoryFreeList equ $A2C4
CategoryFreeListV10 equ $A102
CategoryGetName equ $A104
CategoryGetNext equ $A107
CategoryInitialize equ $A2FC
CategorySelect equ $A2C6
CategorySelectV10 equ $A106
CategorySetName equ $A301
CategorySetTriggerLabel equ $A108
CategoryTruncateName equ $A109
ClipboardAddItem equ $A10A
ClipboardAppendItem equ $A370
ClipboardCheckIfItemExist equ $A10B
ClipboardGetItem equ $A10C
CncAddProfile equ $A36C
CncDeleteProfile equ $A36D
CncGetProfileInfo equ $A36B
CncGetProfileList equ $A36A
CncMgrDispatch equ $A3F0
ConGetS equ $A0DE
ConPutS equ $A0DD
Crc16CalcBlock equ $A259
CtlDrawControl equ $A10D
CtlEnabled equ $A119
CtlEraseControl equ $A10E
CtlGetLabel equ $A113
CtlGetSliderValues equ $A3DA
CtlGetValue equ $A111
CtlHandleEvent equ $A115
CtlHideControl equ $A10F
CtlHitControl equ $A116
CtlNewControl equ $A32C
CtlNewGraphicControl equ $A3A9
CtlNewSliderControl equ $A3DC
CtlSetEnabled equ $A117
CtlSetGraphics equ $A3D9
CtlSetLabel equ $A114
CtlSetSliderValues equ $A3DB
CtlSetUsable equ $A118
CtlSetValue equ $A112
CtlShowControl equ $A110
CtlValidatePointer equ $A328
DateAdjust equ $A264
DateDaysToDate equ $A262
DateSecondsToDate equ $A265
DateTemplateToAscii equ $A3CD
DateToAscii equ $A266
DateToDays equ $A263
DateToDOWDMFormat equ $A267
DayDrawDays equ $A25E
DayDrawDaySelector equ $A25C
DayHandleEvent equ $A25D
DayOfMonth equ $A261
DayOfWeek equ $A25F
DaysInMonth equ $A260
DbgCommSettings equ $A083
DbgControl equ $A341
DbgGetMessage equ $A082
DbgMessage equ $A081
DbgSerDrvClose equ $A3B8
DbgSerDrvControl equ $A3B9
DbgSerDrvOpen equ $A3B7
DbgSerDrvReadChar equ $A3BC
DbgSerDrvStatus equ $A3BA
DbgSerDrvWriteChar equ $A3BB
DbgSrcMessage equ $A080
DlkControl equ $A2A7
DlkDispatchRequest equ $A2DD
DlkGetSyncInfo equ $A2A9
DlkSetLogEntry equ $A2AA
DlkStartServer equ $A2A8
DmArchiveRecord equ $A058
DmAttachRecord equ $A052
DmAttachResource equ $A06A
DmCloseDatabase equ $A04A
DmCreateDatabase equ $A041
DmCreateDatabaseFromImage equ $A07F
DmDatabaseInfo equ $A046
DmDatabaseProtect equ $A2EB
DmDatabaseSize equ $A048
DmDeleteCategory equ $A2C7
DmDeleteDatabase equ $A042
DmDeleteRecord equ $A057
DmDetachRecord equ $A053
DmDetachResource equ $A06B
DmFindDatabase equ $A045
DmFindDatabaseWithTypeCreator equ $A40D
DmFindRecordByID equ $A07B
DmFindResource equ $A065
DmFindResourceType equ $A064
DmFindSortPosition equ $A2F2
DmFindSortPositionV10 equ $A07D
DmGet1Resource equ $A060
DmGetAppInfoID equ $A07C
DmGetDatabase equ $A044
DmGetDatabaseLockState equ $A369
DmGetLastErr equ $A04E
DmGetNextDatabaseByTypeCreator equ $A078
DmGetRecord equ $A05C
DmGetResource equ $A05F
DmGetResourceIndex equ $A06E
DmInit equ $A040
DmInsertionSort equ $A2B4
DmMoveCategory equ $A074
DmMoveOpenDBContext equ $A07A
DmMoveRecord equ $A054
DmNewHandle equ $A059
DmNewRecord equ $A055
DmNewResource equ $A06C
DmNextOpenDatabase equ $A04B
DmNextOpenResDatabase equ $A063
DmNumDatabases equ $A043
DmNumRecords equ $A04F
DmNumRecordsInCategory equ $A071
DmNumResources equ $A067
DmOpenDatabase equ $A049
DmOpenDatabaseByTypeCreator equ $A075
DmOpenDatabaseInfo equ $A04C
DmOpenDBNoOverlay equ $A3B0
DmOpenDBWithLocale equ $A3B1
DmPositionInCategory equ $A072
DmQueryNextInCategory equ $A070
DmQueryRecord equ $A05B
DmQuickSort equ $A06F
DmRecordInfo equ $A050
DmReleaseRecord equ $A05E
DmReleaseResource equ $A061
DmRemoveRecord equ $A056
DmRemoveResource equ $A06D
DmRemoveSecretRecords equ $A05A
DmResetRecordStates equ $A04D
DmResizeRecord equ $A05D
DmResizeResource equ $A062
DmResourceInfo equ $A068
DmSearchRecord equ $A2B2
DmSearchResource equ $A066
DmSeekRecordInCategory equ $A073
DmSet equ $A07E
DmSetDatabaseInfo equ $A047
DmSetRecordInfo equ $A051
DmSetResourceInfo equ $A069
DmStrCopy equ $A077
DmWrite equ $A076
DmWriteCheck equ $A079
EncDES equ $A2FE
EncDigestMD4 equ $A2FD
EncDigestMD5 equ $A2F1
ErrAlertCustom equ $A365
ErrDisplayFileLineMsg equ $A084
ErrExceptionList equ $A088
ErrLongJump equ $A086
ErrSetJump equ $A085
ErrThrow equ $A087
EvtAddEventToQueue equ $A11B
EvtAddUniqueEventToQueue equ $A2F6
EvtCopyEvent equ $A11C
EvtDequeueKeyEvent equ $A12E
EvtDequeuePenPoint equ $A128
EvtDequeuePenStrokeInfo equ $A127
EvtEnableGraffiti equ $A132
EvtEnqueueKey equ $A12D
EvtEnqueuePenPoint equ $A126
EvtEventAvail equ $A2CC
EvtFlushKeyQueue equ $A12C
EvtFlushNextPenStroke equ $A129
EvtFlushPenQueue equ $A125
EvtGetEvent equ $A11D
EvtGetPen equ $A11E
EvtGetPenBtnList equ $A122
EvtGetSilkscreenAreaList equ $A3CB
EvtGetSysEvent equ $A120
EvtInitialize equ $A11A
EvtKeyQueueEmpty equ $A131
EvtKeyQueueSize equ $A12B
EvtPenQueueSize equ $A124
EvtProcessSoftKeyStroke equ $A121
EvtResetAutoOffTimer equ $A130
EvtSetAutoOffTimer equ $A3AD
EvtSetKeyQueuePtr equ $A12A
EvtSetNullEventTick equ $A3E5
EvtSetPenQueuePtr equ $A123
EvtSysEventAvail equ $A2CD
EvtSysInit equ $A11F
EvtWakeup equ $A12F
EvtWakeupWithoutNilEvent equ $A3F2
ExgAccept equ $A30B
ExgConnect equ $A308
ExgControl equ $A409
ExgDBRead equ $A342
ExgDBWrite equ $A343
ExgDisconnect equ $A30C
ExgDoDialog equ $A3E6
ExgGet equ $A30A
ExgGetDefaultApplication equ $A404
ExgGetRegisteredApplications equ $A406
ExgGetRegisteredTypes equ $A407
ExgGetTargetApplication equ $A405
ExgInit equ $A307
ExgNotifyGoto equ $A401
ExgNotifyPreview equ $A408
ExgNotifyReceive equ $A400
ExgNotifyReceiveV35 equ $A310
ExgPut equ $A309
ExgReceive equ $A30E
ExgRegisterData equ $A30F
ExgRegisterDatatype equ $A3FF
ExgRequest equ $A402
ExgSend equ $A30D
ExgSetDefaultApplication equ $A403
FileClose equ $A333
FileControl equ $A33A
FileDelete equ $A334
FileOpen equ $A332
FileReadLow equ $A335
FileSeek equ $A337
FileTell equ $A338
FileTruncate equ $A339
FileWrite equ $A336
Find equ $A269
FindDrawHeader equ $A26D
FindGetLineBounds equ $A26C
FindSaveMatch equ $A26B
FindStrInStr equ $A26A
FlashCompress equ $A361
FlashErase equ $A362
FlashInit equ $A360
FlashProgram equ $A363
FldCalcFieldHeight equ $A152
FldCompactText equ $A154
FldCopy equ $A133
FldCut equ $A134
FldDelete equ $A15E
FldDirty equ $A155
FldDrawField equ $A135
FldEraseField equ $A136
FldFreeMemory equ $A137
FldGetAttributes equ $A14F
FldGetBounds equ $A138
FldGetFont equ $A140
FldGetInsPtPosition equ $A145
FldGetMaxChars equ $A15A
FldGetNumberOfBlankLines equ $A2E8
FldGetScrollPosition equ $A148
FldGetScrollValues equ $A2DA
FldGetSelection equ $A13A
FldGetTextAllocatedSize equ $A14A
FldGetTextHandle equ $A153
FldGetTextHeight equ $A149
FldGetTextLength equ $A14B
FldGetTextPtr equ $A139
FldGetVisibleLines equ $A14E
FldGrabFocus equ $A143
FldHandleEvent equ $A13B
FldInsert equ $A15D
FldMakeFullyVisible equ $A162
FldNewField equ $A32D
FldPaste equ $A13C
FldRecalculateField equ $A13D
FldReleaseFocus equ $A144
FldScrollable equ $A14D
FldScrollField equ $A14C
FldSendChangeNotification equ $A151
FldSendHeightChangeNotification equ $A161
FldSetAttributes equ $A150
FldSetBounds equ $A13E
FldSetDirty equ $A160
FldSetFont equ $A141
FldSetInsertionPoint equ $A302
FldSetInsPtPosition equ $A146
FldSetMaxChars equ $A15B
FldSetMaxVisibleLines equ $A458
FldSetScrollPosition equ $A147
FldSetSelection equ $A142
FldSetText equ $A13F
FldSetTextAllocatedSize equ $A157
FldSetTextHandle equ $A158
FldSetTextPtr equ $A159
FldSetUsable equ $A15C
FldUndo equ $A15F
FldWordWrap equ $A156
FlpDispatch equ $A305
FlpEmDispatch equ $A306
FntAverageCharWidth equ $A169
FntBaseLine equ $A166
FntCharHeight equ $A167
FntCharsInWidth equ $A16D
FntCharsWidth equ $A16B
FntCharWidth equ $A16A
FntDefineFont equ $A321
FntDescenderHeight equ $A16C
FntGetFont equ $A163
FntGetFontPtr equ $A165
FntGetScrollValues equ $A2E4
FntLineHeight equ $A168
FntLineWidth equ $A16E
FntPrvGetFontList equ $A3FE
FntSetFont equ $A164
FntWCharWidth equ $A40C
FntWidthToOffset equ $A34E
FntWordWrap equ $A2D9
FntWordWrapReverseNLines equ $A2E3
FontSelect equ $A320
FplAdd equ $A0E8
FplAToF equ $A0E2
FplBase10Info equ $A0E3
FplDiv equ $A0EA
FplFloatToLong equ $A0E5
FplFloatToULong equ $A0E6
FplFree equ $A0E0
FplFToA equ $A0E1
FplInit equ $A0DF
FplLongToFloat equ $A0E4
FplMul equ $A0E7
FplSub equ $A0E9
FrmActiveState equ $A33B
FrmAddSpaceForObject equ $A32A
FrmAlert equ $A192
FrmCloseAllForms equ $A1A1
FrmCopyLabel equ $A18C
FrmCopyTitle equ $A19A
FrmCustomAlert equ $A194
FrmCustomResponseAlert equ $A3D3
FrmDeleteForm equ $A170
FrmDispatchEvent equ $A1A0
FrmDoDialog equ $A193
FrmDrawForm equ $A171
FrmEraseForm equ $A172
FrmGetActiveField equ $A445
FrmGetActiveForm equ $A173
FrmGetActiveFormID equ $A175
FrmGetControlGroupSelection equ $A18A
FrmGetControlValue equ $A188
FrmGetFirstForm equ $A197
FrmGetFocus equ $A178
FrmGetFormBounds equ $A17B
FrmGetFormId equ $A17D
FrmGetFormPtr equ $A17E
FrmGetGadgetData equ $A1A3
FrmGetLabel equ $A18E
FrmGetNumberOfObjects equ $A17F
FrmGetObjectBounds equ $A199
FrmGetObjectId equ $A181
FrmGetObjectIndex equ $A180
FrmGetObjectIndexFromPtr equ $A454
FrmGetObjectPosition equ $A186
FrmGetObjectPtr equ $A183
FrmGetObjectType equ $A182
FrmGetTitle equ $A190
FrmGetUserModifiedState equ $A176
FrmGetWindowHandle equ $A17C
FrmGotoForm equ $A19B
FrmHandleEvent equ $A17A
FrmHelp equ $A195
FrmHideObject equ $A184
FrmInitForm equ $A16F
FrmNewBitmap equ $A330
FrmNewForm equ $A32B
FrmNewGadget equ $A331
FrmNewGsi equ $A3D4
FrmNewLabel equ $A32F
FrmPointInTitle equ $A2D5
FrmPopupForm equ $A19C
FrmRemoveObject equ $A345
FrmReturnToForm equ $A19E
FrmSaveAllForms equ $A1A2
FrmSetActiveForm equ $A174
FrmSetCategoryLabel equ $A18F
FrmSetCategoryTrigger equ $A1A5
FrmSetControlGroupSelection equ $A18B
FrmSetControlValue equ $A189
FrmSetEventHandler equ $A19F
FrmSetFocus equ $A179
FrmSetGadgetData equ $A1A4
FrmSetGadgetHandler equ $A3D8
FrmSetLabel equ $A18D
FrmSetMenu equ $A2F0
FrmSetNotUserModified equ $A177
FrmSetObjectBounds equ $A303
FrmSetObjectPosition equ $A187
FrmSetTitle equ $A191
FrmShowObject equ $A185
FrmUpdateForm equ $A19D
FrmUpdateScrollers equ $A196
FrmValidatePtr equ $A327
FrmVisible equ $A198
FtrGet equ $A27B
FtrGetByIndex equ $A27D
FtrInit equ $A279
FtrPtrFree equ $A35B
FtrPtrNew equ $A35A
FtrPtrResize equ $A35C
FtrSet equ $A27C
FtrUnregister equ $A27A
GetCharAttr equ $A295
GetCharCaselessValue equ $A296
GetCharSortValue equ $A294
GrfAddMacro equ $A290
GrfAddPoint equ $A283
GrfCleanState equ $A285
GrfDeleteMacro equ $A28F
GrfFieldChange equ $A293
GrfFilterPoints equ $A288
GrfFindBranch equ $A28B
GrfFlushPoints equ $A282
GrfFree equ $A27F
GrfGetAndExpandMacro equ $A291
GrfGetGlyphMapping equ $A28D
GrfGetMacro equ $A287
GrfGetMacroName equ $A28E
GrfGetNumPoints equ $A289
GrfGetPoint equ $A28A
GrfGetState equ $A280
GrfInit equ $A27E
GrfInitState equ $A284
GrfMatch equ $A286
GrfMatchGlyph equ $A28C
GrfProcessStroke equ $A292
GrfSetState equ $A281
GsiEnable equ $A29D
GsiEnabled equ $A29E
GsiInitialize equ $A29B
GsiSetLocation equ $A29C
GsiSetShiftState equ $A29F
HwrBacklight equ $A2EA
HwrBattery equ $A368
HwrBatteryLevel equ $A248
HwrCalcDynamicHeapSize equ $A418
HwrCursor equ $A247
HwrCustom equ $A444
HwrDebuggerEnter equ $A419
HwrDebuggerExit equ $A41A
HwrDebugSelect equ $A414
HwrDelay equ $A249
HwrDisableDataWrites equ $A24B
HwrDisplayAttributes equ $A372
HwrDisplayDoze equ $A373
HwrDisplayPalette equ $A374
HwrDockSignals equ $A257
HwrDockStatus equ $A34D
HwrDoze equ $A23F
HwrEnableDataWrites equ $A24A
HwrFlashWrite equ $A437
HwrGetRAMMapping equ $A23C
HwrGetROMToken equ $A340
HwrGetSilkscreenID equ $A3CA
HwrIdentifyFeatures equ $A3BE
HwrInterruptsInit equ $A3C1
HwrIRQ1Handler equ $A251
HwrIRQ2Handler equ $A252
HwrIRQ3Handler equ $A253
HwrIRQ4Handler equ $A254
HwrIRQ5Handler equ $A255
HwrIRQ6Handler equ $A256
HwrLCDBaseAddr equ $A24C
HwrLCDContrastV33 equ $A34A
HwrLCDDrawBitmap equ $A24D
HwrLCDGetDepth equ $A33F
HwrLCDInit equ $A244
HwrLCDSleep equ $A245
HwrLCDWake equ $A250
HwrLEDAttributes equ $A433
HwrMemReadable equ $A23E
HwrMemWritable equ $A23D
HwrModelInitStage2 equ $A3C0
HwrModelInitStage3 equ $A41C
HwrModelSpecificInit equ $A3BF
HwrNVPrefGet equ $A35F
HwrNVPrefSet equ $A35E
HwrPluggedIn equ $A258
HwrPostDebugInit equ $A3BD
HwrPreDebugInit equ $A3B3
HwrResetNMI equ $A3B4
HwrResetPWM equ $A3B5
HwrSetCPUDutyCycle equ $A243
HwrSetSystemClock equ $A242
HwrSleep equ $A240
HwrSoundOff equ $A3C3
HwrSoundOn equ $A3C2
HwrTimerInit equ $A246
HwrTimerSleep equ $A24E
HwrTimerWake equ $A24F
HwrVibrateAttributes equ $A434
HwrWake equ $A241
ImcReadFieldNoSemicolon equ $A316
ImcReadFieldQuotablePrintable equ $A317
ImcReadPropertyParameter equ $A318
ImcReadWhiteSpace equ $A31A
ImcSkipAllPropertyParameters equ $A319
ImcStringIsAscii equ $A31D
ImcWriteNoSemicolon equ $A31C
ImcWriteQuotedPrintable equ $A31B
InsPtCheckBlink equ $A1AF
InsPtEnable equ $A1AB
InsPtEnabled equ $A1AC
InsPtGetHeight equ $A1AE
InsPtGetLocation equ $A1AA
InsPtInitialize equ $A1A8
InsPtSetHeight equ $A1AD
InsPtSetLocation equ $A1A9
IntlDispatch equ $A2AB
KbdDraw equ $A440
KbdErase equ $A441
KbdGetLayout equ $A43B
KbdGetPosition equ $A43D
KbdGetShiftState equ $A43F
KbdHandleEvent equ $A442
KbdSetLayout equ $A43A
KbdSetPosition equ $A43C
KbdSetShiftState equ $A43E
KeyboardStatusFree equ $A439
KeyboardStatusNew equ $A438
KeyBootKeys equ $A3B6
KeyCurrentState equ $A2A2
KeyHandleInterrupt equ $A2A1
KeyInit equ $A2A0
KeyRates equ $A2A4
KeyResetDoubleTap equ $A2A3
KeySetMask equ $A2CF
KeySleep equ $A2A5
KeyWake equ $A2A6
LastTrapNumber equ $A45A
LmDispatch equ $A40A
LocGetNumberSeparators equ $A2F9
LstDrawList equ $A1B1
LstEraseList equ $A1B2
LstGetNumberOfItems equ $A1BA
LstGetSelection equ $A1B3
LstGetSelectionText equ $A1B4
LstGetTopItem equ $A41B
LstGetVisibleItems equ $A2FF
LstHandleEvent equ $A1B5
LstMakeItemVisible equ $A1B9
LstNewList equ $A32E
LstPopupList equ $A1BB
LstScrollList equ $A2FB
LstSetDrawFunction equ $A1B0
LstSetHeight equ $A1B6
LstSetListChoices equ $A1B8
LstSetPosition equ $A1BC
LstSetSelection equ $A1B7
LstSetTopItem equ $A2B5
MdmDial equ $A2B0
MdmHangUp equ $A2B1
MemCardFormat equ $A003
MemCardInfo equ $A004
MemChunkFree equ $A012
MemChunkNew equ $A011
MemCmp equ $A2D7
MemDebugMode equ $A03B
MemGetRomNVParams equ $A40B
MemHandleCardNo equ $A031
MemHandleDataStorage equ $A030
MemHandleFlags equ $A02C
MemHandleFree equ $A02B
MemHandleHeapID equ $A02F
MemHandleLock equ $A021
MemHandleLockCount equ $A01F
MemHandleNew equ $A01E
MemHandleOwner equ $A02E
MemHandleResetLock equ $A034
MemHandleResize equ $A033
MemHandleSetOwner equ $A032
MemHandleSize equ $A02D
MemHandleToLocalID equ $A020
MemHandleUnlock equ $A022
MemHeapCheck equ $A039
MemHeapCompact equ $A00E
MemHeapDynamic equ $A03E
MemHeapFlags equ $A00D
MemHeapFreeByOwnerID equ $A010
MemHeapFreeBytes equ $A00B
MemHeapID equ $A009
MemHeapInit equ $A00F
MemHeapPtr equ $A00A
MemHeapScramble equ $A038
MemHeapSize equ $A00C
MemInit equ $A000
MemInitHeapTable equ $A001
MemKernelInit equ $A02A
MemLocalIDKind equ $A024
MemLocalIDToGlobal equ $A023
MemLocalIDToLockedPtr equ $A036
MemLocalIDToPtr equ $A025
MemMove equ $A026
MemNumCards equ $A03A
MemNumHeaps equ $A007
MemNumRAMHeaps equ $A008
MemNVParams equ $A03F
MemPtrCardNo equ $A019
MemPtrDataStorage equ $A36F
MemPtrFlags equ $A015
MemPtrHeapID equ $A018
MemPtrNew equ $A013
MemPtrOwner equ $A017
MemPtrRecoverHandle equ $A014
MemPtrResetLock equ $A01D
MemPtrResize equ $A01C
MemPtrSetOwner equ $A01B
MemPtrSize equ $A016
MemPtrToLocalID equ $A01A
MemPtrUnlock equ $A035
MemSemaphoreRelease equ $A03D
MemSemaphoreReserve equ $A03C
MemSet equ $A027
MemSetDebugMode equ $A037
MemStoreInfo equ $A005
MemStoreInit equ $A002
MemStoreSearch equ $A028
MemStoreSetInfo equ $A006
MenuAddItem equ $A3D7
MenuCmdBarAddButton equ $A3C7
MenuCmdBarDisplay equ $A3C9
MenuCmdBarGetButtonData equ $A3C8
MenuDispose equ $A1BE
MenuDrawMenu equ $A1C0
MenuEraseMenu equ $A3C5
MenuEraseStatus equ $A1C1
MenuGetActiveMenu equ $A1C2
MenuHandleEvent equ $A1BF
MenuHideItem equ $A3D6
MenuInit equ $A1BD
MenuSetActiveMenu equ $A1C3
MenuSetActiveMenuRscID equ $A2FA
MenuShowItem equ $A3D5
OEMDispatch equ $A349
OEMDispatch2 equ $A443
OmDispatch equ $A3AF
PalmPrivate1 equ $A44A
PalmPrivate2 equ $A44B
PalmPrivate3 equ $A44C
PalmPrivate4 equ $A44D
PenCalibrate equ $A271
PenClose equ $A26F
PenGetRawPen equ $A270
PenOpen equ $A26E
PenRawToScreen equ $A272
PenResetCalibration equ $A274
PenScreenToRaw equ $A273
PenSleep equ $A275
PenWake equ $A276
PhoneNumberLookup equ $A2EF
PhoneNumberLookupCustom equ $A413
PrefGetAppPreferences equ $A2D3
PrefGetAppPreferencesV10 equ $A22E
PrefGetPreference equ $A2D1
PrefGetPreferences equ $A22C
PrefOpenPreferenceDB equ $A2E0
PrefOpenPreferenceDBV10 equ $A22B
PrefSetAppPreferences equ $A2D4
PrefSetAppPreferencesV10 equ $A22F
PrefSetPreference equ $A2D2
PrefSetPreferences equ $A22D
PrgHandleEvent equ $A315
PrgStartDialog equ $A366
PrgStartDialogV31 equ $A312
PrgStopDialog equ $A313
PrgUpdateDialog equ $A314
PwdExists equ $A297
PwdRemove equ $A29A
PwdSet equ $A299
PwdVerify equ $A298
RctCopyRectangle equ $A1C5
RctGetIntersection equ $A1C9
RctInsetRectangle equ $A1C6
RctOffsetRectangle equ $A1C7
RctPtInRectangle equ $A1C8
RctSetRectangle equ $A1C4
ResLoadConstant equ $A3B2
ResLoadForm equ $A277
ResLoadMenu equ $A278
SclDrawScrollBar equ $A2B7
SclGetScrollBar equ $A2E7
SclHandleEvent equ $A2B8
SclSetScrollBar equ $A2B6
ScrCompress equ $A37B
ScrCompressScanLine equ $A0F3
ScrCopyRectangle equ $A0EC
ScrDecompress equ $A37C
ScrDeCompressScanLine equ $A0F4
ScrDefaultPaletteState equ $A459
ScrDisplayMode equ $A33E
ScrDrawChars equ $A0ED
ScrDrawNotify equ $A0F1
ScrGetColortable equ $A3FA
ScrGetGrayPat equ $A3FB
ScrInit equ $A0EB
ScrLineRoutine equ $A0EE
ScrPalette equ $A3F9
ScrRectangleRoutine equ $A0EF
ScrScreenInfo equ $A0F0
ScrScreenInit equ $A3F7
ScrScreenLock equ $A3FC
ScrScreenUnlock equ $A3FD
ScrSendUpdateArea equ $A0F2
ScrUpdateScreenBitmap equ $A3F8
SecGetPwdHint equ $A435
SecSelectViewStatus equ $A3CF
SecSetPwdHint equ $A436
SecVerifyPW equ $A3CE
SelectDay equ $A2D0
SelectDayV10 equ $A25A
SelectOneTime equ $A34F
SelectTime equ $A3C6
SelectTimeV33 equ $A25B
SelectTimeZone equ $A40E
SerialDispatch equ $A367
SerReceiveISP equ $A0D0
SlkClose equ $A0D2
SlkCloseSocket equ $A0D4
SlkFlushSocket equ $A0D7
SlkOpen equ $A0D1
SlkOpenSocket equ $A0D3
SlkProcessRPC equ $A0DC
SlkReceivePacket equ $A0DA
SlkSendPacket equ $A0D9
SlkSetSocketListener equ $A0D8
SlkSocketRefNum equ $A0D5
SlkSocketSetTimeout equ $A0D6
SlkSysPktDefaultResponse equ $A0DB
SndCreateMidiList equ $A2AE
SndDoCmd equ $A233
SndGetDefaultVolume equ $A232
SndInit equ $A230
SndInterruptSmfIrregardless equ $A448
SndPlaySmf equ $A2AD
SndPlaySmfIrregardless equ $A446
SndPlaySmfResource equ $A36E
SndPlaySmfResourceIrregardless equ $A447
SndPlaySystemSound equ $A234
SndSetDefaultVolume equ $A231
StrAToI equ $A0CE
StrCaselessCompare equ $A0CA
StrCat equ $A0C6
StrChr equ $A0CC
StrCompare equ $A0C8
StrCompareAscii equ $A3F3
StrCopy equ $A0C5
StrDelocalizeNumber equ $A2F8
StrIToA equ $A0C9
StrIToH equ $A0CB
StrLen equ $A0C7
StrLocalizeNumber equ $A2F7
StrNCaselessCompare equ $A2EE
StrNCat equ $A2D6
StrNCompare equ $A2ED
StrNCompareAscii equ $A410
StrNCopy equ $A2CE
StrPrintF equ $A2DE
StrStr equ $A0CD
StrToLower equ $A0CF
StrVPrintF equ $A2DF
SysAppExit equ $A090
SysAppLaunch equ $A08E
SysAppLauncherDialog equ $A0B4
SysAppStartup equ $A08F
SysBatteryDialog equ $A0BB
SysBatteryInfo equ $A324
SysBatteryInfoV20 equ $A0B6
SysBinarySearch equ $A2F3
SysBroadcastActionCode equ $A089
SysColdBoot equ $A08B
SysCopyStringResource equ $A0BC
SysCreateDataBaseList equ $A2DB
SysCreatePanelList equ $A2DC
SysCurAppDatabase equ $A0AC
SysCurAppInfoP equ $A0A8
SysDisableInts equ $A0A5
SysDoze equ $A08D
SysErrString equ $A2F4
SysEvGroupCreate equ $A2C8
SysEvGroupRead equ $A2CA
SysEvGroupSignal equ $A2C9
SysEvGroupWait equ $A2CB
SysFatalAlert equ $A0AD
SysFatalAlertInit equ $A3CC
SysFormPointerArrayToStrings equ $A0C1
SysGetAppInfo equ $A33C
SysGetOSVersionString equ $A323
SysGetStackInfo equ $A33D
SysGetTrapAddress equ $A093
SysGraffitiReferenceDialog equ $A2E1
SysGremlins equ $A344
SysHandleEvent equ $A0A9
SysInit equ $A0AA
SysInsertionSort equ $A2B3
SysKernelClockTick equ $A3C4
SysKernelInfo equ $A0BD
SysKeyboardDialog equ $A2E2
SysKeyboardDialogV10 equ $A0B3
SysLaunchConsole equ $A0BE
SysLCDBrightness equ $A37D
SysLCDContrast equ $A34B
SysLibFind equ $A0BA
SysLibInstall equ $A0B7
SysLibLoad equ $A2AC
SysLibRemove equ $A0B8
SysLibTblEntry equ $A0B9
SysMailboxCreate equ $A2B9
SysMailboxDelete equ $A2BA
SysMailboxFlush equ $A2BB
SysMailboxSend equ $A2BC
SysMailboxWait equ $A2BD
SysNewOwnerID equ $A0A3
SysNotifyBroadcast equ $A355
SysNotifyBroadcastDeferred equ $A356
SysNotifyBroadcastFromInterrupt equ $A3F1
SysNotifyDatabaseAdded equ $A357
SysNotifyDatabaseRemoved equ $A358
SysNotifyInit equ $A352
SysNotifyRegister equ $A353
SysNotifyUnregister equ $A354
SysQSort equ $A0AB
SysRandom equ $A0C2
SysReserved1 equ $A346
SysReserved10Trap1 equ $A029
SysReserved2 equ $A347
SysReserved3 equ $A348
SysReserved30Trap2 equ $A311
SysReserved40Trap1 equ $A3EC
SysReserved40Trap2 equ $A3ED
SysReserved40Trap3 equ $A3EE
SysReserved40Trap4 equ $A3EF
SysReserved5 equ $A35D
SysReset equ $A08C
SysResSemaphoreCreate equ $A0AE
SysResSemaphoreDelete equ $A0AF
SysResSemaphoreRelease equ $A0B1
SysResSemaphoreReserve equ $A0B0
SysRestoreStatus equ $A0A6
SysSemaphoreCreate equ $A095
SysSemaphoreDelete equ $A096
SysSemaphoreSet equ $A0A4
SysSemaphoreSignal equ $A098
SysSemaphoreWait equ $A097
SysSetA5 equ $A091
SysSetAutoOffTime equ $A0C0
SysSetPerformance equ $A0B5
SysSetTrapAddress equ $A092
SysSleep equ $A0B2
SysStringByIndex equ $A2F5
SysTaskCreate equ $A09B
SysTaskDelay equ $A0A0
SysTaskDelete equ $A09C
SysTaskID equ $A09E
SysTaskResume equ $A2C2
SysTaskSetTermProc equ $A0A1
SysTaskSuspend equ $A2C1
SysTaskSwitching equ $A0C3
SysTaskTrigger equ $A09D
SysTaskUserInfoPtr equ $A09F
SysTaskWait equ $A2BE
SysTaskWaitClr equ $A2C0
SysTaskWake equ $A2BF
SysTicksPerSecond equ $A2E9
SysTimerCreate equ $A099
SysTimerDelete equ $A0BF
SysTimerRead equ $A0C4
SysTimerWrite equ $A09A
SysTranslateKernelErr equ $A094
SysUIAppSwitch equ $A0A7
SysUIBusy equ $A325
SysUICleanup equ $A3E7
SysUILaunch equ $A0A2
SysUnimplemented equ $A08A
SysWantEvent equ $A359
TblDrawTable equ $A1CA
TblEditing equ $A1E8
TblEraseTable equ $A1CB
TblFindRowData equ $A1F2
TblFindRowID equ $A1EF
TblGetBounds equ $A1DA
TblGetColumnSpacing equ $A1F1
TblGetColumnWidth equ $A1DC
TblGetCurrentField equ $A1E9
TblGetItemBounds equ $A1CD
TblGetItemFont equ $A31E
TblGetItemInt equ $A1CF
TblGetItemPtr equ $A3AA
TblGetLastUsableRow equ $A1F0
TblGetNumberOfColumns equ $A451
TblGetNumberOfRows equ $A1D4
TblGetRowData equ $A1F3
TblGetRowHeight equ $A1EB
TblGetRowID equ $A1DD
TblGetSelection equ $A1E1
TblGetTopRow equ $A452
TblGrabFocus equ $A1ED
TblHandleEvent equ $A1CC
TblHasScrollBar equ $A2E6
TblInsertRow equ $A1E2
TblMarkRowInvalid equ $A1DF
TblMarkTableInvalid equ $A1E0
TblRedrawTable equ $A1E5
TblReleaseFocus equ $A1E7
TblRemoveRow equ $A1E3
TblRowInvalid equ $A1E4
TblRowMasked equ $A3D2
TblRowSelectable equ $A1D7
TblRowUsable equ $A1E6
TblSelectItem equ $A1CE
TblSetBounds equ $A2EC
TblSetColumnEditIndicator equ $A2D8
TblSetColumnMasked equ $A3D0
TblSetColumnSpacing equ $A1F5
TblSetColumnUsable equ $A1EA
TblSetColumnWidth equ $A1EC
TblSetCustomDrawProcedure equ $A1D5
TblSetItemFont equ $A31F
TblSetItemInt equ $A1D0
TblSetItemPtr equ $A1EE
TblSetItemStyle equ $A1D1
TblSetLoadDataProcedure equ $A1D8
TblSetRowData equ $A1F4
TblSetRowHeight equ $A1DB
TblSetRowID equ $A1DE
TblSetRowMasked equ $A3D1
TblSetRowSelectable equ $A1D6
TblSetRowStaticHeight equ $A2E5
TblSetRowUsable equ $A1D3
TblSetSaveDataProcedure equ $A1D9
TblSetSelection equ $A453
TblUnhighlightSelection equ $A1D2
TimAdjust equ $A0FE
TimDateTimeToSeconds equ $A0FD
TimeToAscii equ $A268
TimeZoneToAscii equ $A40F
TimGetAlarm equ $A0FA
TimGetSeconds equ $A0F5
TimGetTicks equ $A0F7
TimHandleInterrupt equ $A0FB
TimInit equ $A0F8
TimSecondsToDateTime equ $A0FC
TimSetAlarm equ $A0F9
TimSetSeconds equ $A0F6
TimSleep equ $A0FF
TimTimeZoneToUTC equ $A411
TimUTCToTimeZone equ $A412
TimWake equ $A100
TsmDispatch equ $A3AE
UdaMgrDispatch equ $A449
UIBrightnessAdjust equ $A3AB
UIColorGetTableEntryIndex equ $A3A4
UIColorGetTableEntryRGB equ $A3A5
UIColorInit equ $A3A3
UIColorPopTable equ $A3A8
UIColorPushTable equ $A3A7
UIColorSetTableEntry equ $A3A6
UIContrastAdjust equ $A34C
UIInitialize equ $A1A6
UIPickColor equ $A3AC
UIReset equ $A1A7
WiCmdV32 equ $A371
WinAddWindow equ $A1FA
WinClipRectangle equ $A212
WinCopyRectangle equ $A209
WinCreateBitmapWindow equ $A3E4
WinCreateOffscreenWindow equ $A1F7
WinCreateWindow equ $A1F6
WinDeleteWindow equ $A1F8
WinDisableWindow equ $A203
WinDisplayToWindowPt equ $A20D
WinDrawArc equ $A391
WinDrawBitmap equ $A226
WinDrawChar equ $A350
WinDrawChars equ $A220
WinDrawGrayLine equ $A214
WinDrawGrayRectangleFrame equ $A21C
WinDrawInvertedChars equ $A22A
WinDrawLine equ $A213
WinDrawPixel equ $A383
WinDrawPolygon equ $A38C
WinDrawRectangle equ $A218
WinDrawRectangleFrame equ $A21B
WinDrawTruncChars equ $A351
WinDrawWindowFrame equ $A205
WinEnableWindow equ $A202
WinEraseArc equ $A392
WinEraseChars equ $A221
WinEraseLine equ $A215
WinErasePixel equ $A384
WinErasePolygon equ $A38D
WinEraseRectangle equ $A219
WinEraseRectangleFrame equ $A21D
WinEraseWindow equ $A206
WinFillArc equ $A394
WinFillLine equ $A217
WinFillPolygon equ $A38F
WinFillRectangle equ $A229
WinGetActiveWindow equ $A1FF
WinGetBitmap equ $A3A2
WinGetBounds equ $A456
WinGetClip equ $A20F
WinGetDisplayExtent equ $A20B
WinGetDisplayWindow equ $A200
WinGetDrawWindow equ $A1FE
WinGetFirstWindow equ $A201
WinGetFramesRectangle equ $A21F
WinGetPattern equ $A223
WinGetPatternType equ $A39B
WinGetPixel equ $A381
WinGetPixelRGB equ $A3EB
WinGetWindowBounds equ $A228
WinGetWindowExtent equ $A20C
WinGetWindowFrameRect equ $A204
WinIndexToRGB equ $A39F
WinInitializeWindow equ $A1F9
WinInvertArc equ $A393
WinInvertChars equ $A222
WinInvertLine equ $A216
WinInvertPixel equ $A385
WinInvertPolygon equ $A38E
WinInvertRectangle equ $A21A
WinInvertRectangleFrame equ $A21E
WinModal equ $A227
WinMoveWindowAddr equ $A329
WinPaintArc equ $A390
WinPaintBitmap equ $A380
WinPaintChar equ $A37E
WinPaintChars equ $A37F
WinPaintLine equ $A388
WinPaintLines equ $A387
WinPaintPixel equ $A382
WinPaintPixels equ $A386
WinPaintPolygon equ $A38B
WinPaintRectangle equ $A389
WinPaintRectangleFrame equ $A38A
WinPalette equ $A39D
WinPopDrawState equ $A396
WinPrvInitCanvas equ $A417
WinPushDrawState equ $A395
WinRemoveWindow equ $A1FB
WinResetClip equ $A211
WinRestoreBits equ $A208
WinRGBToIndex equ $A39E
WinSaveBits equ $A207
WinScreenLock equ $A3A0
WinScreenUnlock equ $A3A1
WinScrollRectangle equ $A20A
WinSetActiveWindow equ $A1FC
WinSetBackColor equ $A399
WinSetBackColorRGB equ $A3E9
WinSetClip equ $A210
WinSetColors equ $A304
WinSetDrawMode equ $A397
WinSetDrawWindow equ $A1FD
WinSetForeColor equ $A398
WinSetForeColorRGB equ $A3E8
WinSetPattern equ $A224
WinSetPatternType equ $A39C
WinSetTextColor equ $A39A
WinSetTextColorRGB equ $A3EA
WinSetUnderlineMode equ $A225
WinSetWindowBounds equ $A300
WinValidateHandle equ $A326
WinWindowToDisplayPt equ $A20E