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Hello I have created this account for the purpose of translating this book to Hebrew.

Before I begin, the preliminary reading suggests its a good idea to get familiar with the following conventions and best practices of wiki work and translation on particular:

  1. how to link stuff in wiki .
  2. Wiki Translation Howto
  3. Development stages
  4. Making this guide printable , and have a look at Collections too.
  5. Naming and linking


  1. Wiki templating

This page may or may not service me in the future, but for now it shall become my public todo list. If anyone stumbles upon it and want to suggest reading, or any other help or feedback, your welcome to do so. I'd be happy if you don't mess my list though. Rather, add your notes and suggestions in Discussion. And, well, I try to conform to Usr pages conventions as much as I have time to read them..

And let the work begin!